No Room for the Groom

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No Room for the Groom
No Room for the Groom.jpg
Directed by Douglas Sirk
Starring Tony Curtis
Piper Laurie
Don DeFore
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
June 13, 1952
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

No Room for the Groom is a 1952 comedy directed by Douglas Sirk, starring Tony Curtis and Piper Laurie.[1] The screenplay is based on the novel "My True Love" by Darwin Teilhet.


Vineyard owner Alvah Morrell and his girl Lee Kingshead elope to Las Vegas before he must return to active military duty. They are unable to have a honeymoon because Alvah comes down with a case of chicken pox and Lee must be quarantined from him.

Alvah leaves for 10 months. During this time, Lee finds no suitable way or time to tell her manipulative mother about the marriage. Mama pretends to have fainting spells and hides her personal foibles, which include smoking and gambling.

Mama's goal is to marry Lee to the wealthy Herman Strouple, who owns a thriving cement business. Mama hopes to keep the married couple apart so that their union will never be consummated and can be legally annulled.

By the time Alvah returns, so many people are pressuring him to sell his vineyard land and home to Herman that he feels alone, particularly when others conspire to have Alvah declared mentally ill and unable to conduct his own affairs. He must trust Lee to do the right thing, and soon they're finally spending their first night together.



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