No Sex Please, We're British (film)

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No Sex Please: We're British
"No Sex Please, We're British" (1973).jpg
Directed by Cliff Owen
Produced by John R. Sloan
Written by Alistair Foot
Anthony Marriott
Brian Cooke
Johnnie Mortimer
Starring Ronnie Corbett
Ian Ogilvy
Susan Penhaligon
Beryl Reid
Arthur Lowe
Music by Eric Rogers
Cinematography Ken Hodges
Edited by Ralph Kemplen
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date
25 July 1973 (UK)
10 August 1979 (USA)
Running time
91 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

No Sex Please, We're British is a 1973 British comedy film directed by Cliff Owen and starring Ronnie Corbett, Ian Ogilvy, Susan Penhaligon and Arthur Lowe. It is based on the 1971 play No Sex Please, We're British with a number of changes to the original plot.


Runnicles, a clerk in a small-town British bank (openly depicted in the film as the branch of Barclays Bank in Windsor High Street),[1][2] is horrified when a package arrives containing pornography rather than the new calculator he expected. His efforts to dispose of it, while avoiding detection, turn into a farcical series of events involving a bank inspector, the police and a local criminal to whom the pornography actually belongs.


Critical reception[edit]

Writing in 1979 at the time of the American release, a reviewer for The New York Times wrote: "In its own way it is well done...(with) its simpleminded and by now rather outdated double and triple entendres"[3]

TV Guide said it was "a pleasing performance from Corbett...saves this otherwise average British farce from the usual doldrums."[4]


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