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No Starch Press
Publishing company
Genre Technical
Founded 1994 (1994)
Founder William Pollock
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Area served
United States
Slogan "the finest in geek entertainment"

No Starch Press publishes books on computer security, programming, open source, LEGO, and science topics. Popular titles include Hacking: The Art of Exploitation,[1] Silence on the Wire,[2] Hacking the Xbox,[3] Python For Kids,[4] The Cult of LEGO,[5] and How Wikipedia Works.[6]


No Starch Press publishes books with a focus on networking, computer security, hacking, Linux, programming, technology for kids, Lego, math, and science. The publisher also releases educational comics like Super Scratch Programming Adventure[7] and The Manga Guide to Science series.[8]


No Starch Press titles are available online and in bookstores in all major English language markets worldwide. No Starch Press titles have also been translated into over thirty languages.

O'Reilly Media distributes and promotes No Starch Press titles in the U.S., and No Starch uses various distributors worldwide.

Popular books[edit]


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