No Time for Nuts

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No Time for Nuts
No Time for Nuts poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Chris Renaud
Mike Thurmeier
Produced by John C. Donkin
Lori Forte
Chris Meledandri
Written by Chris Renaud
Starring Chris Wedge as Scrat
Music by Christopher Ward
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release dates
  • November 21, 2006 (2006-11-21)
Running time
7 min
Language none

No Time for Nuts is a computer animated short film from Blue Sky Studios, starring Scrat from Ice Age. Directed by Chris Renaud and Mike Thurmeier, it was released on November 21, 2006, on the DVD release of Ice Age: The Meltdown.[1] The short follows Scrat on a chase after his nut, which has been accidentally sent forward in time by a frozen time machine. No Time for Nuts was nominated for the 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.[2]


Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel (a fictional animal from the Ice Age film series), while trying to find a place to hide his acorn, finds a buried time machine that states the date he's currently in (May 26, 20,000 BC) next to the ice-encased skeletal body of a human time traveler. He accidentally activates the machine, sending the acorn away. Scrat gets mad and tries to beat up the time machine and it sends him to the Middle Ages. Finding the acorn wedged under a rock, Scrat sees Excalibur and decides to use it as a lever to move the rock. He pulls out the sword but then finds himself under attack by a group of unseen archers, and uses the sword to block the arrows fired by the archers. He frees the acorn in the process and takes it and the time machine and races off to find cover, only to hide in the barrel of a cannon. The cannon fires him into the path of hundreds of incoming arrows. The time machine teleports the acorn mid-flight and Scrat just barely manages to activate the machine again for himself.

He materializes in an arena in Ancient Rome. Scrat reaches for his acorn, but is dragged off when his tail is caught on a passing chariot. Scrat manages to free himself just as a fanfare sounds. He thinks it is victory music and introduces himself to the crowd like a triumphant gladiator, proudly holding up his acorn. Then he hears the growl of a lion coming from the tunnel behind him. He activates the time machine again before the lion can attack him, and lands on an ice field. He is overjoyed, thinking he is home, but he soon sees the RMS Titanic appear out of nowhere, heading straight towards him; he was actually in April 14, 1912 AD and on the same iceberg that sank the ship. The time machine is activated after impact, and Scrat finds himself in the first Ice Age movie, where he encounters himself and fights himself for his acorn (Manny, Sid, Diego, and Roshan make a cameo). The acorn is teleported yet again, much to the distress of both Scrats. Shortly after, Scrat also is teleported.

The time traveling Scrat is then sent to many dangerous situations where he would have been killed if he had not activated the time machine in time; under a launching rocket during the Space Race, in a dark jewelery store (he sets off the security alarms when he picks up a diamond), in a girl's locker room (where he is hit by a roller brush), in the French Revolution (where he appears under the falling blade of a guillotine), during Benjamin Franklin's kite flying experiment (and gets zapped by lightning), in front of a wrecking ball, in front of the Hiroshima bombing, on the tracks of an oncoming train in the Wild West and in front of Michelangelo's David. Frustrated, Scrat punches the machine, which sends him into a strange realm of floating timepieces. Scrat spots his acorn and grabs it, just before being drawn into a wormhole along with his acorn and the time machine.

The wormhole lands Scrat in front of an enormous oak tree. Overjoyed at the sight of so many acorns, he tosses away his own acorn, which lands on and activates the time machine. Before it can fire again, Scrat smashes the time machine. Scrat attempts to remove the nuts from the tree, but soon discovers that it is only a sculpture, with a plaque on it reading "Here Stood the Last Oak Tree." Scrat realizes he's in the far future (May 20, 20,000 AD), where oak trees (and acorns) are extinct. He realizes that the acorn he brought with him is the only real one around. He makes a dash for it, but the time machine manages to fire one last time, transporting the acorn right out of his paws right before the time machine collapses into pieces. Stranded in the acorn-less future, Scrat lets out a scream of frustration, ending the film.

Then the lost acorn ends up floating behind the credits of the short film.





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