No Warning (web series)

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No Warning
No Warning opening title sequence
Created by Bill Taylor
Directed by Bill Taylor
Starring Michael Smyth, Brian Mulholland, Lesa Gillespie, Peter Irvine, James Tumilty
Country of origin Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 7
Producer(s) Bill Taylor
Location(s) Northern Ireland
Running time 1 min (shortest) 7 min 45 secs (longest)
Original network YouTube
Original release March 18, 2008 – present
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No Warning is a Science Fiction drama concerning the struggle of the Nexus, humanity's last hope, against the ancient Fraternity of the Eternal Brotherhood, who are beginning to emerge after a long period in hiding. The series, composed of short films and additional interactive material, is distributed online. The first short film premiered in March 2008, and at the time of writing there are six episodes. It is planned to produce new episodes on a regular basis.[citation needed]

The series is written and directed by Northern Irish film-maker Bill Taylor,[1][2][3] and is an independent production. No Warning is located and shot in Northern Ireland. The drama uses several innovative techniques to help unfold the storyline, including the use of graphical and textual codes. The puzzles are relayed to the audience via an internet forum, and community participation is encouraged in their solution.[4]

The Episodes[edit]

At the time of writing this article, there are seven video episodes:

Episode Number Episode Name
1 Webcams in Northern Ireland
2 Gabriel Introduction
3 Gabriel's Second Broadcast
4 Prisoner
5 Propaganda Rising
6 Statement Under Duress
7 Not Careful Enough

The Puzzles[edit]

The Nexus internet forum is a mechanism employed to reveal further plot details to audience members who can solve the codes and puzzles presented there. The codes have also been used to reveal the location of information. Thus far, the series has employed ShotCode, QR Code and Substitution Ciphers.[citation needed]

The Characters[original research?][edit]

Character Played by Summary
John James Tumilty One of the gamers from Episode 1. Goes offline to sort out a network problem, never to be seen again. Whereabouts unknown at present.
Nicola Lesa Gillespie A gamer from Episode 1. Engaged to Bob. A shadow falls across her webcam, as she screams in horror. Again, whereabouts unknown.
Duncan Peter Irvine A gamer, Episode 1. An approaching white light fills the room, he is heard to utter a short prayer, and he is lost. Whereabouts unknown.
Robert (Bob) Shepherd Brian Mulholland A gamer, Episode 1. Engaged to Nicola. Disappears in similar circumstances to Duncan, but returns to the drama in Prisoner (although we don't see his face) and Statement Under Duress as Gabriel's captive. He is known to have been an Acolyte, but has vowed to 'reform' as an instrument of the Nexus.
Gabriel Michael Smyth The focus of the series, and Emissary of the Nexus. His mission to spread the Nexus gospel, but disenchanted by the lack of direct action, he comes into direct conflict with Nexus High Command and the Custodian. After a skirmish with elements of the Fraternity, he captures the Acolyte Robert Shepherd and deprogrammes him. He is infected with an unknown agent during the skirmish, and becomes increasingly ill.
Isobel (Izzy) Montgomery TBC Media student and wannabe reporter, Izzy is drawn into the murky world of the Fraternity after a chance encounter with an agitated individual in a Belfast alleyway. Accused of being a member of FOTEB, Izzy vows to investigate.
The Custodian TBC An agent of the Nexus, introduced in Prisoner. The Custodian is known to adhere to the orders of the High Command, and has attempted to reform Gabriel - without success.
The Voice of the Fraternity TBC Encountered at the end of Episode 1, and in Propaganda Rising, the Voice of the Fraternity is a disembodied, alien monotone. Thus far, the Voice has emerged only to counteract actions of the Nexus. The Voice is multi-faceted, and appears to belong to more than one individual. Does each Voice represent a different personality archetype?


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