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"No Words"
Song by Paul McCartney and Wings
from the album Band on the Run
Released7 December 1973
RecordedAugust–November 1973
Lagos, Nigeria
Producer(s)Paul McCartney
Band on the Run track listing

"No Words" is a song written by Paul McCartney and Denny Laine, and first released on 7 December 1973 on Band on the Run by Paul McCartney and Wings. The song was Laine's first co-writing on a Wings album and his only writing credit on Band on the Run.[1]


The song was first written before the release of Wings' second album, Red Rose Speedway, but not recorded until the Band on the Run sessions.[1]


The basic track was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria and was later completed in September in England. The orchestral arrangements, consisting of brass instruments and string quartets were made by Tony Visconti.[2][3] Ian Horne and Trevor Jones, two of Wings' roadies, sang backing vocals on the track although their parts are buried in the mix.[1][4] Otherwise, the vocals consist primarily of Laine and Paul and Linda McCartney all singing together, with Laine and Paul McCartney each taking a solo spot.[4]

The song's verses are in the key of A major.[2] The key moves to the dominant of E major for the refrain.[2] The instrumental intro and outro passages are also in E major.[2]

The lyrics express the singer's desire for a woman who he fears may not be only interested in him.[2] The refrain consists of the single line "No words for my love."[2] Music author Vincent Benitex interprets the song's ending on a dominant key rather than the tonic as reflecting the singer's uncertain situation.[2] Robert Rodriguez described "No Words" as being the only song on Band on the Run that came close to being the type of "silly love song" that predominated McCartney's albums of the time.[5]

Live performances[edit]

The only time the song was performed live by Wings was in 1979 during their final tour.[1]


Personnel per The Beatles Bible.[1]


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