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Promenade Pictures
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Frank Yablans (Chief Executive Officer)
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Promenade Pictures is a motion picture production company founded in 2003 by Frank Yablans, the former head of Paramount Pictures and of MGM/UA. The stated goal of the company is the creation of family-friendly films. In 2007, the company released its first film, an animated version of The Ten Commandments. It is the first in their "Epic Stories of the Bible" series.[1] The followup, which was scheduled for release in 2009, Noah's Ark: The New Beginning, was apparently released in 2012.[2] Another film, Gideon's Gift, based on the novel by Karen Kingsbury, was scheduled for release in 2008.

The Note, a made-for-television film, was broadcast on the Faith and Values Network in December 2007.[3]

Promenade partners with New Zealand-based Huhu Studios and Singapore-based iVL Animation. Promenade Pictures is also teamed with the Salem Radio Network to produce a weekly radio program based on Promenade's CD Creator Kids.

Yablans serves as Chief Executive Officer. The COO is Cindy Bond, former President of Wild Horse Entertainment.

Production history[edit]

Noah's Ark: The New Beginning[edit]

Noah's Ark: The New Beginning is a 2012 animated film featuring an ensemble voice cast. It is a retelling of the Biblical story of Noah's Ark, told from the point of view of the animals on the ark, and is the second in the Promenade Pictures Epic Stories of the Bible film series, following on from the 2007 film The Ten Commandments.[4] It was written by Ed Naha and directed by Bill Boyce and John Stronach. It stars Michael Keaton as Noah, Ben Kingsley as the Narrator and Elliott Gould as God.[5]

The film was scheduled for release in theaters in 2012 with an initial release on November 22, 2009. In 2013, Huhu studios featured a trailer for Noah on their vimeo account stating that they were seeking finance to complete the film.[6][7]

Voice Cast[edit]


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