Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center

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Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center
Founded 1978
Founder Jama Hedgecoth
Focus Animal rescue, Wildlife rehabilitation
  • Locust Grove, Georgia, United States
Key people
Charles Hedgecoth Jr. (Secretary)
Karen Thomas (Chairperson)
$1,016,553 (2010)
Slogan Bringing children and animals together

Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center is an American exotic animal rescue center. It is located on 250 acres in Locust Grove, Georgia and houses over 1,500 animals. Many of the center's animals were rescued from unlicensed owners or donated by circuses and zoos.

Founded by Jama and Charles Hedgecoth in 1978,[1] the center was originally located on a small farm. In 1990, Noah's Ark moved to a 122-acre property in Locust Grove, Georgia. In 1992, they expanded the center to include the Noah's Ark Children Care Home for foster children.[2]

In 2001, the center acquired a trio of captive young animals (a lion cub, a tiger cub, and a bear cub) confiscated from a convicted drug dealer during a raid. As the lion, bear and tiger cubs had bonded, they were housed in a special exhibit called "The Clubhouse" where they could be together.

In 2008, Noah's Ark rescued a wounded young zebra that was found wandering on nearby Interstate 75. The story of the zebra's rescue and subsequent recovery received substantial coverage from local media.[3][4][5]


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