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Noah Howard in 2008

Noah Howard (April 6, 1943 – September 3, 2010)[1] was an American free jazz alto saxophonist.[2]


Born in New Orleans, Howard played music from childhood in his church.[3] He first learned trumpet and later switched to alto, tenor and soprano saxophone.[3] He was an innovator influenced by John Coltrane[4] and Albert Ayler. He studied with Dewey Johnson, first in Los Angeles and later on in San Francisco. When he moved to New York City he started playing with Sun Ra.

He recorded his first LP as a leader, Noah Howard Quartet, in 1965 and his second LP Noah Howard at Judson Hall in 1966 both for ESP Records, but found little critical acclaim in the US.[3] In the 1960s and 1970s he performed regularly in the US and Europe, moving to Paris in 1968.

In 1969, he appeared on Frank Wright's album One For John and on Black Gipsy with Archie Shepp. As leader he recorded The Black Ark [5] with Arthur Doyle among others. In 1971 he created his own record label, AltSax,[6] and published most of his music under that label.

In 1971, he recorded Patterns in the Netherlands with Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink. He moved to Paris in 1972, lived in Nairobi in 1982 and finally moved to Brussels in late 1982, where he had a studio and ran a jazz club. He recorded steadily through the 1970s and 1980s, exploring funk and world music in the latter decade and recording for AltSax. In the 1990s, he returned to his free-jazz origins, releasing on Cadence Jazz among other labels, and experienced a resurgence in critical acclaim. His last two albums, Desert Harmony (2008, with Omar al Faqir) and Voyage (2010), reflected his interest in World music and were influenced by Indian, Latin American and Middle Eastern music.

Noah Howard died on 3 September 2010 of a cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 67. He is survived by his wife, Lieve Fransen.[7]


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  • At Judson Hall (NYC, 1966) with Dave Burrell (p), Norris Jones [aka Sirone] (b), Rik Colbeck (tp), Bobby Kapp (dr), Catherine Norris (cello) (by ESP-Disk 1064)
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  • Between Two Eternities (NYC, 1999) with Bobby Kapp (dr) (by CJR)
  • Noah Howard Quartet: live at Copparlunden (2000) (by Ayler Records, unreleased)
  • 'Back to the Future Project (NYC, 2000) Bobby Kapp (dr, voc), Dave Burrell (p), Gene Perla (b), Billy Bang (viola) (unreleased)
  • Patterns/Message to South Africa (re-release 2000) with Han Bennink, Steve Boston, Earl Freeman, Misha Mengelberg, Jaap Schoonhoven / Johnny Dyani, Kali Fasteau, Chris McGregor, Noel McGee (by Eremite Records)
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  • Dreamtime (2002; released 2003) with Lode Jansen (tp) (by Altsax Records 90022)
  • Church Number Nine (re-release 2002) with Frank Wright, Bobby Few, Mohamed Ali (by Black Keys Records)
  • The Eye of the Improviser (2003) career-spanning compilation (by Altsax Records / Distribution: Northcountry/Cadence)
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  • Live at the Village Vanguard (re-release 2004) with Frank Lowe, Robert Bruno, Earl Freeman, Juma Sultan, Rashied Ali (by Ironman Records)
  • Now Playing (NYC, 2004) with Eve Packer (voc) (by Altsax Records 6054)
  • Chris Chalfant - Convergence (2007) with Chris Chalfant (p), Noah Howard (as), Wilber Morris (b), Calyer Duncan (dr) (by Chris Chalfant Music 2306-7)
  • Entre creation et exil (2007) (by Maxime Coton for Dispersal Collectif, unreleased)
  • The Black Ark (re-release 2007) with Arthur Doyle, Earl Cross, Mohammed Ali, Juma Sultan, Norris Jones, Leslie Waldron, Earl Freeman (by Bo'Weavil Recordings)
  • Desert Harmony (Jordan, 2007) with Omar al-Faqir (p) (by Altsax Records 634479615061)
  • Transit Mission (Paris and NYC, 2009) with Bobby Kapp (dr) (by Altsax Records)
  • Voyage (Belgium, 2010) (by Altsax Records)
  • First and Last (NYC, 2010; released 2011) with Eve Packer (by Altsax Records)
  • Live in Scotland with Bobby Few (p), Grame Steven (g), Stu Ritchie (dr), Scott Cruikshank (b) (unreleased)



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