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Noah Pollak is an American political writer specializing in issues concerning foreign policy, Israel, and the Jewish people. In 2012 he was named by the Algemeiner Journal as one of the "top ten living spokespeople for Jews and Israel."[1]

Professional Life[edit]

Pollak was a regular contributor to Commentary Magazine[2] and now writes a blog with the Weekly Standard.[3] He also serves as the executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI).[4] Pollak was formally an assistant editor of the Middle East Quarterly, a publication of the Middle East Forum.[5]

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Pollak made public appearances as a foreign policy surrogate for the Romney campaign.[6][7]

In 2012 he was named by the Algemeiner Journal as one of the "top ten living spokespeople for Jews and Israel."[8]

Under Pollak's leadership, the Emergency Committee for Israel has received four advertising industry awards for its work in 2011 and 2012, including a Gold award in 2012 from the American Association of Political Consultants for best overall public affairs campaign.[citation needed]

For two years Pollak lived in Israel and served as the assistant editor of Azure magazine[9] published by the Jerusalem-based Shalem Center. Pollak has also written for the National Review,[10] the Wall Street Journal,[11] Haaretz, Jerusalem Post,[12] Politico,[13] and other publications, and appeared on Fox News[14] PBS Newshour,[15] and CNN.[16]

Pollak and ECI have frequently been criticized by mainstream liberal Jewish groups.[17][18]

Personal life[edit]

Pollak graduated from the University of Vermont in 2003 with a degree in political science and English. He was formerly an MA student in international affairs at Yale University,[19] as well as a member of Yale's Jewish Society, Shabtai.

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