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Noalmark Broadcasting Corporation (870)-862-7777 is a radio and media company based in El Dorado, Arkansas. The company was founded by William C. Nolan, Jr. (now deceased.) Current Executive Vice President Edwin B. Alderson, Jr. along with El Dorado car dealer Russell Marks (now deceased) also assisted in starting the company in 1970.

Properties owned and operated by Noalmark[edit]

Noalmark owns and / or operates radio stations in two states, Arkansas & New Mexico. The Officers are William C. Nolan, III, President, Diane N. Landen, Executive Vice President, Anna M. Canterbury, Senior Vice President and Harry Harlan, Vice President and Edwin B. Alderson Jr., Chairman of the Board.


KIXBKIX 103, KMRX, KAGL, KELD, KELD-FM, KMLK, which are all operated out of their studios in El Dorado, Arkansas. KLAZ, Hot Springs, Arkansas

KVMA and KVMZ, which are all operated out of their studios in Magnolia, Arkansas. These properties have been managed by Ken Sibley since Noalmark purchased these stations in 2005.

In May 2007, Noalmark Broadcasting entered into an agreement to purchase Clark County Broadcasting in Arkadelphia. This group of stations includes KYXK, KDEL-FM, and KVRC

Prior to the purchase of these stations, Noalmark received a construction permit in the FCC Auction 70 to build a new Class A FM radio station on the 93.5 MHz frequency.

In that same auction, Noalmark received a construction permit to build another Class A FM radio station on the 92.7 MHz frequency KIXC in Bearden, Arkansas. This radio station will serve the Camden, Hampton, and Fordyce communities.

New Mexico[edit]

KIXN, KZOR, KEJL, KYKK, KPZA-FM, are all operated in Hobbs, New Mexico studios. The stations manager is Harry Harlan.

In January 2008, Noalmark took control of Heritage stations KKBE/KBIM and KBIM-FM in Roswell New Mexico. KBIM/KKBE operate on 94.9 FM and 910 AM. Their website is The station manager and sales manager is Darryl Burkfield and the Program Director is Dan Taylor.

Officers of Noalmark[edit]