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For the moshav in south-central Israel, see No'am. For Noar Masorti, the youth movement of Masorti Olami, see Masorti Olami.

Noam (נועם) is a Hebrew name which means "pleasantness" and while started as the male version of the female No'omi — (English: "Naomi" or "Noemi") today it is a very common Hebrew name for both males and females alike.

People with the given name Noam[edit]

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Television and film[edit]

  • Noam Gonick, film director
  • Noam Pitlik, television director and character actor
  • Noam Zylberman, Israeli-born voice actor best known for the voice of Split Kit from the Garbage Pail Kids



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People with the surname Noam[edit]

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