Nob, Israel

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Nob, Israel

Nob was a priestly town [1] in ancient Israel in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The site is largely identified by historical geographers as Bayt Nuba. It likely belonged to the Tribe of Benjamin, Jerusalem being at the border between the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.

In the Bible (1 Samuel chapters 21 and 22), David fled to the high priest Ahimelech's shrine at Nob, where the Tabernacle was now located.[2] Here he ate the showbread which had been withdrawn from the sanctuary and received the sword of Goliath, which was kept there.[3] Later Saul had Doeg the Edomite brought to him at Gibeah from Nob (1 Samuel 22:6, 11). Saul was angry with Ahimelech for helping David, and ordered a captain in his guard to massacre Nob, though he refuses. Saul then commanded Doeg to massacre those who helped David and at Saul's orders, Doeg put Ahimelech and the other priests to death, before killing all the men, women, children and animals of the town.

Nob is mentioned later in the Bible in connection with Assyria attacking Israel (Isaiah 10:32), and after the Babylonian Exile (Nehemiah 11:32).


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