Nobar bath

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Outer view of the Nobar bath in Tabriz.

Coordinates: 38°04′28″N 46°17′38″E / 38.07444°N 46.29389°E / 38.07444; 46.29389 The Nobar bath is one of the historical baths of Tabriz, Iran. It was constructed in the centre of the city near the Nobar gate, one of the old gates of Tabriz. Nobar bath, which covers an area about 700 sq. metres, was used as a public bath until 1994. Its ruins have been restored by Cultural Heritage Organization of East Azarbaijan Province and registered as part of Iran's National Heritage.

Architectural plan[edit]

Like the other baths in Iran, Nobar bath has a narrow passage, Sar-beena (where people dressed and undressed), heating centre, water pool and Garm-Khaneh (washing part) which ornamented with brick and tile works. Moreover there were some private bath rooms called Shah-neshin for royal families.


The restoration of Nobar bath has lasted for 6 years. After restoration it equipped and turned to traditional restaurant divided to tree parts and tea house. In the upstairs Kebabs and other local foods and sweets are served.

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