Nobel Committee for Chemistry

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Announcement of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2008.

The Nobel Committee for Chemistry is the Nobel Committee responsible for proposing laureates for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.[1] The Nobel Committee for Chemistry is appointed by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. It usually consists of Swedish professors of chemistry who are members of the Academy, although the Academy in principle could appoint anyone to the Committee.

The Committee is a working body without decision power, and the final decision to award the Nobel Prize for Chemistry is taken by the entire Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, after having a first discussion in the Academy's Class for Chemistry.[2]

Current members[edit]

The current members of the Committee are:[1]


The secretary takes part in the Committee meetings, but can not cast a vote unless the secretary is also a member of the Committee. Until 1973 the Nobel Committees for Physics and Chemistry had a common secretary.

Former members[edit]