Nobeyama radio observatory

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Nobeyama radio observatory
Nobeyama radio observatory 2009.jpg
Nobeyama radio observatory in 2009
OrganizationNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan Edit this on Wikidata
LocationJapan Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates35°56′30″N 138°28′33″E / 35.9417°N 138.4758°E / 35.9417; 138.4758Coordinates: 35°56′30″N 138°28′33″E / 35.9417°N 138.4758°E / 35.9417; 138.4758
Altitude1,350 m (4,430 ft) Edit this at Wikidata Edit this at Wikidata
TelescopesNobeyama 45m Radio Telescope
Nobeyama Millimetre Array
Nobeyama Radio Polarimeters
Nobeyama Radioheliograph Edit this on Wikidata
Nobeyama radio observatory is located in Japan
Nobeyama radio observatory
Location of Nobeyama radio observatory
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The Nobeyama Radio Observatory (NRO) is a division of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) and consists of three radio instruments located near Minamimaki, Nagano at an elevation of 1350m.

  • The 45m Radio Telescope: A 45m single-dish radio telescope that operates in short-millimetre wavelengths.
  • The Nobeyama Millimetre Array (NMA): An millimetre interferometer consisting of six 10m diameter telescopes.
  • The Nobeyama Radioheliograph: An array of eighty-four antennas dedicated for solar observations.

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