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Powder surfing, also known as powsurfing or noboarding, is snowboarding on a modified board with no bindings. Like on a surfboard a rope is attached to the rider's lead leg with a leash. The style was pioneered by Greg Todds, a skilled snowboarder who began riding bindingless to make snowboarding more challenging.[1] The precursor of the snowboard, the snurfer had no bindings, and a lanyard attached to the front, like a sled.

In 2002, Todds and his friend, Burns, began selling rubber foot pads that could be attached to any snowboard. Their kits also included a bungee cord that attached to a point in front of the front foot, as well as a point behind the back foot. The cords acted like training wheels for riders who needed help keeping the board on their feet. They called their innovation Noboard. A Noboard is kit to convert a snowboard into a board without bindings. The conversion kit consists of a rubber pad (where the rider stands), a rope, retractable leash, and fastening hardware.[2] Noboard is still on the market under Burns’s direction, and even had a short-lived business partnership with snowboard giant Burton Snowboards from 2007-2009.

Other companies are manufacturing boards designed to be ridden bindingless, as opposed to Noboard's conversion kit.


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