Nobody Else Tour

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Nobody Else Tour
Tour by Take That
Associated album Nobody Else
Start date 5 August 1995
End date 17 October 1995
Legs 3
No. of shows 33 (total)
Take That concert chronology

The Nobody Else Tour was the fourth concert tour by British boy band Take That. Lasting from March to October 1995, the tour consisted of 33 dates across the United Kingdom, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan.[1] It was the first tour the band did after the departure of Robbie Williams. Robbie left after a European tour in July 1995 and the band continued the UK leg of the tour as four-piece band. The UK shows were brand new, whereas the European tour had still same choreography's and costumes from groups Pops Tour last year.


  1. Intro (contains elements from "Relight My Fire" and "Keep the Fire Burnin'" both from Dan Hartman
  2. "Relight My Fire" (featuring Juliet Roberts) (D.Hartman)
  3. "Funky Stuff" Interlude
  4. "Sunday to Saturday" (Gary Barlow/Howard Donald/Mark Owen)
  5. "Hate It" (G.Barlow)
  6. "Lady Tonight" (G. Barlow)
  7. Violin Interlude
  8. "Babe" (G. Barlow)
  9. Every Guy Medley:
    1. "Every Guy" (G.Barlow)
    2. "Why Can't I Wake Up with You" (G.Barlow)
    3. "Sure" (G.Barlow/M.Owen/Robbie Williams)
    4. "Every Guy" (Reprise) (G.Barlow)
  10. "Back For Good" (G.Barlow)
  11. "Another Brick in the Wall" (Roger Waters)
  12. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Kurt Cobain)
  13. "Blind Date's Ain't No Good" (a fan invited on the stage to get some gifts from band and to hear a serenade - usually the band sung "A Million Love Songs" in a cappella version)
  14. Could It Be Magic Medley:
    1. "Could It Be Magic" (Barry Manilow/Frédéric Chopin/Adrienne Anderson)
    2. "I Found Heaven" (Ian Levine/Billy Griffin)
    3. "It Only Takes a Minute" (Dennis Lambert/Brian Potter)
    4. "Everything Changes" (G.Barlow)
    5. "Could It Be Magic" band outro
  15. "Holding Back the Tears" (G.Barlow)
  16. "The Day After Tomorrow" (G.Barlow)
  17. "Pray" (featuring Juliet Roberts) (G.Barlow)
  18. "Never Forget" (G.Barlow)

In international countries the "Blind Date's Ain't No Good" section was replaced by the song "Wasting My Time" (G.Barlow)

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
5 August 1995 Manchester England NYNEX Arena
6 August 1995
7 August 1995
8 August 1995
9 August 1995
10 August 1995
11 August 1995
12 August 1995
13 August 1995
14 August 1995
15 August 1995
16 August 1995
20 August 1995 London Earls Court
21 August 1995
22 August 1995
23 August 1995
25 August 1995
26 August 1995
27 August 1995
28 August 1995
30 August 1995
31 August 1995
25 September 1995 Adelaide Australia Adelaide Entertainment Centre
26 September 1995 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena
29 September 1995 Sydney Sydney Entertainment Centre
1 October 1995 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre
4 October 1995 Perth Perth Entertainment Centre
7 October 1995 Bangkok Thailand Hua Mark Indoor Stadium
8 October 1995
10 October 1995 Kallang Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium
14 October 1995 Tokyo Japan Yoyogi Olympic Stadium
15 October 1995
17 October 1995 Jakarta Indonesia Istora Senayan

VHS release[edit]

The Earls' Court Concerts were recorded and released in 1995, entitled "Nobody Else - The Movie". The VHS also contained the three promo videos for "Sure", "Back For Good" and "Never Forget".