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Nobody Likes Onions
Nobody Likes Onions Logo.png
The onion logo for Nobody Likes Onions
Hosted by Patrick Melton
Genre Comedy, Talk
Language English
Updates Three times per week
Production Pantswise Media Network
Audio format MP3
No. of episodes 1094
Debut June 1, 2005
Cited for Nominated Best Produced and Best Comedy in 2006, Nominated People's Choice and Best Comedy in 2007, Won Best Comedy Award in 2007

Nobody Likes Onions (commonly abbreviated to NLO) is an American Internet radio show created and hosted by stand-up comedian Patrick Melton. The hosts address humorous events in their lives, and they also satirize current events, pop culture, other podcasts and even the show's fans. NLO's tagline is "It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm."

NLO broadcasts live shows online at various dates and times. Episodes of the podcast, which include both recordings of live shows as well as pre-recorded podcast-specific shows, are released approximately three times a week. The show used to be ranked as one of the highest rated shows on Podcast Alley. The show was nominated for two Podcast Awards in both 2006 and 2007 (Best Produced and Best Comedy in 2006 / People's Choice and Best Comedy in 2007), and won the Best Comedy Award in 2007.[1] NLO has also been featured on SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

On November 1, 2014, Nobody Likes Onions moved to New York City. Patrick explained the move was done to expose the show to a larger pool of talent.

Program Name[edit]

The name "Nobody Likes Onions" came from the name used by host Patrick Melton for a satirical website. The name was a combination of "Nobody Likes Me," Melton's forum site for comedians, and an allusion to The Onion. Although the site was deleted months after he created it, Melton decided to make use of the now-unused domain name, applying it to what is now the show. Melton commented in an early show that he would, at some point, probably change the show name. Melton mentioned the show name again during episode 193, he explained how he was seriously considering changing it. Due to years of branding, merchandise and promotion, Patrick has stated that it is unlikely to change at this point.


Patrick Melton[edit]

Patrick Melton is the creator and host of Nobody Likes Onions. In addition to acting as moderator of the show, Melton handles most of the production of NLO as well. A stand-up comedian, Melton applies his philosophy about comedy to the show on a regular basis - in humor, nothing is off limits; many of his fans enjoy the satirical nature of his comedy, in which he shares his hilarious views on individuals (Sometimes famous) or other popular topics, sometimes news-related.

Melton is best known for controlling the mood and direction of each show. His acerbic views on society in general, and low tolerance for ignorance or stupidity in others make for an entertaining show. He often appears on the show as characters, sometimes planned and sometimes improvised, which are met by the fans with differing reactions. While normally providing a humorous commentary on his life or surroundings, Melton occasionally will behave outwardly silly, making absurd or nonsensical statements in annoying or ridiculous voices, which, when countered by the serious demeanor of other hosts can be quite funny. Melton's silliness has birthed a number of recurring characters on the show, including the lisping Steven Carlson and the enigmatic Ironcake.

In January 2010, Melton moved to Los Angeles to pursue his comedy career and expand the content and reach of the show. The show has thrived and continued in Los Angeles with new guests and hosts broadcasting from a new, larger studio in the Los Angeles area.

In August 2013, as a result of his new-found interest in bitcoins, Melton started a new podcast called "CoinsiderThis". The shows more nerdy format has met some criticism from NLO fans, but the show continues to grow in its current weekly format.

Live shows[edit]

Patrick and D-Fritz banter about renting apartments in LA.

Prior to March 2006, NLO was distributed solely as a podcast. During live episodes, the show takes calls from fans who voice their opinions on segments. The callers have added a completely new dimension to the show. Callers will often call in to help in the ribbing of a particular host, comment on a story or topic in the news, ask the hosts to perform some kind of stunt, or just to flirt. At one point NLO also used a custom-built feedback system known as "TalkTrap", which allowed users to send messages directly to the studio via their website. Although this has since been removed due to the advancement in streaming technology.

In the beginning, the hosts were hostile to callers that had differing opinions. The show seems, however, to be learning to harness the humor in other viewpoints and make callers feel more welcome. Treatment of callers varies with Patrick's mood and how eloquent or interesting the callers as a whole have been; Patrick has been known to shut down the live feed altogether if the callers have been particularly detrimental to the show's flow.

In 2006, live shows went from an audio-only stream to video broadcast over [1] with three studio cameras. The current setup has four studio cameras and is available in whole on YouTube.


NLOL (Nobody Likes Onions Live) is a yearly gathering where the hosts and friends of NLO have a few days worth of parties, events and a comedy show. NLOL 2007 took place in Tampa Florida as a one night comedy show, featuring Johnny B. and Patrick. In August 2008, the second NLOL took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. By then, the gathering had expanded from a single comedy show to a six-night stay in Vegas including a live recorded show as well as a stand up show featuring Patrick, Johnny and Roy. NLOL 2009 was held May 14–17 in Houston Texas and was one of the largest yet, featuring Patrick, Johnny, Jake and the stand-up debut of Brian King. A second NLOL 2009 was held for two weeks in New York City, London and Paris, where fans came out for a recording of live shows, as well as other scheduled events in Europe.


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