Nobody Sings Anymore

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Nobody Sings Anymore
Nobody Sings Anymore Cover Art.jpg
Studio album by Manchester Orchestra
Released 2005
Genre Indie rock
Length 42:46
Producer Joe Chicarrelli
Manchester Orchestra chronology
5 Stories
Nobody Sings Anymore
You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm, but Brilliance Needs a Good Editor

Nobody Sings Anymore is the unreleased first full-length studio album by American rock band Manchester Orchestra. The band stated that the album was never released due to their shift in musical direction and lineup changes. Three tracks from the album - "The Procession", "Slow to Learn" and "I'd Rather Have" - were eventually released on the band's extended play (EP) You Brainstorm, I Brainstorm, but Brilliance Needs a Good Editor.

On March 31, 2010, the band announced on their official Twitter account that the album cover circulating the internet was not in fact real and that the band had only seen it that day.[1] The band then suggested fans create and submit album art to become the official cover for the unreleased album.[2] There was no definite time frame for making a submission and the only thing said on the top was: "until we see the absolute best one you got time."[3] An official cover, created by Wade Ouellet of, was chosen on June 26, 2010.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Golden Ticket" 3:31
2. "Window" 2:21
3. "The Procession" 3:28
4. "I'd Rather Have" 4:34
5. "She Found a Love" 5:25
6. "Anything Left" 3:26
7. "The Other Side" 3:17
8. "Please Don't Go" 2:56
9. "Girl with Broken Wings" 6:39
10. "Slow to Learn" 2:47
11. "La-Di-Da" 4:29


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