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Nobunagun volume 1 cover.jpg
Cover of the first volume of Nobunagun by Earth Star Entertainment, featuring the protagonist Sio Ogura.
Genre Action
Written by Masato Hisa
Published by Earth Star Entertainment
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Earth Star
Original run May 12, 2011August 28, 2015
Volumes 6
Anime television series
Directed by Nobuhiro Kondo
Written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Music by Yutaka Shinya
Studio Bridge
Licensed by
Original network Tokyo MX
Original run January 5, 2014March 30, 2014
Episodes 13
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Nobunagun (Japanese: ノブナガン, Hepburn: Nobunagan) is a manga series written and illustrated by Masato Hisa. Serialized in Earth Star Entertainment's magazine Comic Earth Star since May 2011, it has been compiled into six tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by studio Bridge was broadcast from January 5, 2014 to March 30, 2014 in Japan. Crunchyroll and Funimation streamed the episodes with English subtitles, which attracted commentaries by anime and manga reviewers who gave it mixed reception.


To protect the world from the impending invasion of the alien species known only as "Evolutionary Invasion Objects" (EIO), the supranational organization DOGOO created special warriors through DNA manipulation called E-Gene holders. These E-Gene holders are the reincarnations of various historical figures. Using special weapons called AU balls, E-gene holders can call forth AU weapons with an affinity to their assigned historical figure and use it against the invaders. Sio Ogura is one of them, being the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga. However, her memories of her past life are limited only by dreams about the military past. Going on a school trip in Taiwan, Ogura gets caught in the middle of a battle between Evolutionary Invasion Objects and Dogoo's E-gene holders, alongside her classmate Asao Kaoru. When one of the E-Gene holders, the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper, gets incapacitated and Asao ends up in danger when confronting an Evolutionary Invasion object, Sio uses Jack's AU ball to fully activate her E-Gene holder status. She gains her AU weapon, a massive machine gun, and assists the other E-Gene holders to put an end to the Taiwan invasion. After some reluctance, she joins DOGOO at Asao's behest.

Defense Organization aGainst Outer Objects (DOGOO)[edit]

There are two holder platoons stationed on each of DOGOO’s three floating fortresses: Alex Rogan (Second Platoon’s HQ), Joji Atsumi, and Steven Hiller. The auxiliary battleship Clayton Forrester holds the three together. The fortresses circle around the Pacific Ocean so when reports of an EIO reach them, the nearest fortress will send their platoon to engage the enemies.


Main characters[edit]

The main characters in the series are part of the DOGOO's Second Platoon. They include:

Sio Ogura (小椋 しお, Ogura Shio)
Voiced by: Shiori Mutō (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English)[1]
The main protagonist in the series, she is a Japanese student who attends an all-girls school, and the E-Gene Holder of Oda Nobunaga. Her AU weapon is the Nobunagun (ノブナガン, Nobunagan)[2] (Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese); Kent Williams (English)[1]). She is clumsy, but likes military equipment, which her classmates find weird (not shown much in the manga). Even her comrades in DOGOO sees her as a military otaku. Her only friend in school is Asao, whom she saves in the first anime episode and first manga chapter. Following the Kaohsiung incident, she is recruited to DOGOO (chapter 4 in the manga and episode 2 in the anime), where she specializes as a sniper and strategist. Over the course of the series, she develops feelings for Adam.
Adam Muirhead (アダム・ミューアヘッド, Adamu Mūaheddo)
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese); Jason Liebrecht (English)[1]
One of the first DOGOO members that Sio encounters, Adam is the E-Gene Holder of Jack the Ripper, and his AU weapon is a large hunting knife. Though he and Sio team up in various missions, they still get irritated with each other at times. During the Stone Forest Operation, he transforms his weapon into Nightingale Mode, which channels the spirit of Florence Nightingale. He also develops feelings for Sio, even kissing her in episode 13.
Mahesh Mirza (マヘシュ・ミルザ, Maheshu Miruza)
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese); Christopher Bevins (English)[1]
Mahesh likes cute girls and often enjoys teasing Sio. He is the E-Gene Holder of Gandhi, an AU weapon that produces barriers. He doesn’t like his power to create shields as barriers (in the manga) or forcefields (in the anime).[3]
Jess Beckham (ジェス・ベッカム, Jesu Bekkamu)
Voiced by: Yū Asakawa (Japanese); Caitlin Glass (English)[1]
Jess is the only other female in the Second Platoon. She easily befriends Sio when the latter joins. She is the E-Gene Holder of Newton, an AU weapon that enables her to manipulate gravity with the only drawback being that the target must be under her massive right foot. She French kisses anyone, including Jack and Sio when they went to Second Platoon’s headquarters in anime episode 5.[3]

Defense Organization aGainst Outer Objects (DOGOO)[edit]

Some of the characters' real names are unknown, and are thus referred to by their weapons which carry the spirits of various historical figures.

First Platoon[edit]

Lemon (レモン, Remon)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō (Japanese); Alison Viktorin (English)[4]
A short-haired woman who is the E-Gene Holder for Geronimo. Her AU weapon is a tomahawk.
Ibukigīn Erdenbileg (Nickname: Esui) (イブキギーン・エルデネビルグ, Ibukigīn Erudenebirugu)
Voiced by: Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese); Elizabeth Maxwell (English)[5]
A woman who can transform her body into a motorcycle-like machine named Cyx (スーホ, Sūho), albeit with treads instead of wheels. She dotes on Geronimo, whom she calls Princess.
Antoni Gaudi (アントニ・ガウデ, Antoni Gaudi)
Voiced by: Ayumu Murase (Japanese); Sean Michael Teague (English)[5]
A young boy who is the E-Gene Holder of Antoni Gaudi. His AU ability allows him to cause large sheets of rock to erupt from any ground he touches, even to enclosing an entire town in a hemispherical dome in episode 11. It seems in episode 6 of the anime that he is a fan of Sio Ogura/Oda Nobunaga. Then he acquires a bikini photo of Sio Ogura that Capa took in episode 3.

Special Squad[edit]

Each Special Squad member's AU object is a tool rather than a weapon.

Francois Vidocq (ヴィドック, Vidokku)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese); Josh Grelle (English)[4]
An arrogant young man whose AU tool is a chair that allows him to calculate various things with the speed of a supercomputer. He is named after François Vidocq.
John Hunter (ハンター, Hantā)
Voiced by: Makoto Yasumura (Japanese); Ian Sinclair (English)[5]
Infused with the spirit of surgeon John Hunter, he examines the bodies of the Evolutionary Invasion Objects using a set of AU surgical and analytical tools. He is dragged into combat during the Stone Forest Operation (anime episode 10 to 13); during which he makes a discovery that leads to the success of the operation.
Galiko (ガリ子, Gariko)
Voiced by: Sumire Uesaka (Japanese); Alexis Tipton (English)[4]
A young girl whose AU tool, Galileo, encloses her in a miniature planetarium. She has binocular vision as well as four detachable spherical remote sensor probes named after the Galilean moons of Jupiter. Her probes allow her to see and hear, as well as collect data; however, they must join with her AU tool to transmit the data. Without her AU ball activated, she is actually quite young compared to the rest of the crew. She has a crush on Vidocq.

Upper Echelon[edit]

Commander (壱与, Iyo)
Voiced by: Ai Satō (Japanese); Rachel Robinson (English)[6]
Leader of Dogoo. She has lived almost two millenniums thanks to DOGOO.
Dogoo (土偶, Dogō)
Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese); Monica Rial (English)[6]
Not to be confused with the organization DOGOO, he is an alien whose world was destroyed by the Evolutionary Invasion Objects centuries ago, who came to Earth to stop a repeat of the process by collecting the souls of several various distinguished individuals, turning them into "E-Genes" and imputing them into different bloodlines around the world; it would be gene that would be unknowingly passed down from parent to child until its host awoke and became an E-Gene Holder.
Saint Germain (サンジェルマン, Sanjeruman)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa (Japanese); J. Michael Tatum (English)[6]
Second-in-Command of DOGOO. He is the Count of St. Germain, who is immortal and has been with the commander since being asked for help by DOGOO. He is not seen much in the manga but a lot in the anime.

Other platoons[edit]


Some characters are not affiliated with a DOGOO platoon, but are E-Gene Holders:

Other characters[edit]

Kaoru Asao (浅尾 かおる, Asao Kaoru)
Voiced by: Haruno Inoue (Japanese); Mikaela Krantz (English)[6]
A popular student in Sio's school and the only one who befriended Sio during their field trip to Kaohsiung. Asao wanted to become friends with Sio ever since long ago, which is explained more in the anime. After Sio rescues her when the Evolutionary Invasion Objects attack (chapter 1 in the manga and episode 1 in the anime), Asao is inspired to help out and studies to become a nurse (anime episode 9).



The forty-one manga chapters of Nobunagun are written and illustrated by Masato Hisa.[7] They were serialized for the manga anthology book Comic Earth Star from Earth Star Entertainment, running from May 12, 2011[8] to August 28, 2015 on the online edition of the magazine.[7][9] Earth Star Entertainment has been collecting the chapters in tankōbon volumes with the first being published on February 10, 2012.[10] A total of six volumes have been released in Japan as of October 9, 2015.[11]

No. Release date ISBN
1 February 10, 2012[10] ISBN 978-4-8030-0308-6
2 January 12, 2013[12] ISBN 978-4-8030-0414-4
3 September 12, 2013[13] ISBN 978-4-8030-0504-2
4 December 12, 2013[14] ISBN 978-4-8030-0519-6
5 December 12, 2014[15] ISBN 978-4-8030-0620-9
6 October 9, 2015[11] ISBN 978-4-8030-0792-3


The production of an anime adaptation was first announced through the June 2013 issue of Comic Earth Star.[16] It was produced by the animation studio Bridge, directed by Nobuhiro Kondo and scripted by Hiroshi Yamaguchi.[17] On December 25, 2013, a preview of the series was exhibited in the Shinbashi Yakult Hall.[18] Tokyo MX, on January 5, 2014, broadcast the first episode, which was subsequently aired by YTV, CTV, BS11, and AT-X.[19] The thirteenth and last episode was aired on March 30, 2014.[20] VAP released episodes 1–6 in a DVD and Blu-ray box set on April 23, 2014, and episodes 7–13 on July 23, 2014.[21] An English-subtitled version started to be streamed by Crunchyroll on January 5, and by Funimation on their video website on the following day.[2][22] In March, Madman Entertainment announced at the Wai-Con it have acquired the series' rights.[23] Funimation released the complete series into a DVD and Blu-ray box set on June 2, 2015 in a regular and a limited edition,[24][25] while Madman Entertainment will release it on July 1, 2015.[26]

The series music is composed by Yutaka Shinya.[17] The opening theme is "Respect for the Dead Man" by Pay Money to My Pain, which is also used as the ending theme for the first episode.[27] The "ver.α" of "Chīsa na Hoshi" (ちいさな星, lit. "A Small Star") by Shiori Mutō, Yū Asakawa and Sumire Uesaka is used as the ending theme from episode two to five, and from episode 11 to 13.[28] Episodes 6 to 10 feature a "ver.β" of "Chīsa na Hoshi" by Shiori Mutō, Chiwa Saitō, Mutsumi Tamura and Ayumu Murase.[29] An official soundtrack was released on February 19, 2014; it consists of the full and the television version of "ver.α" and "ver.β" "Chīsa na Hoshi", and 30 other tracks.[30]

No. Title Original air date
1 "Oda Nobunaga"
"Oda Nobunaga" (織田信長) 
January 5, 2014[31]
Sio Ogura visits Taiwan with her class on a school trip. However, things change for the worst when strange creatures called “Evolutionary Invasion Objects” (EIO) appear out of the ocean, and when a young man named Jack appears to cut them down with a massive blade. He is injured when one of the EIO stabs him in the stomach. Sio sees his AU ball and remembers her past self, using it to activate “Nobunagun”! 
2 "Evolutionary Invasion Objects"
"Shinka Shinryaku-tai" (進化侵略体) 
January 12, 2014[32]
Sio awakens Oda Nobunaga with her E-Gene and prepares a counterattack with Newton and Gandhi, the associates of Jack. Sio defeats all the EIO except one, which slips by and pierces the bomb, destroying a lot of the bay. Sio is asked to join DOGOO while they reveal themselves to the world. Some civilians support DOGOO while many despise them. At first she refuses but, with Asao’s support, Sio joins DOGOO. 
3 "Capa's Island"
"Kyapa no Shima" (キャパの島) 
January 19, 2014[33]
Ogura accepts DOGOO's offer and joins them. Ogura begins her strict training with the reincarnation of Robert Capa, who is capable of creating illusory copies of whatever his camera captures. During her training, Ogura meets the team of a D-101 Hurricane research crew. The research crew leaves to research a hurricane and is shot down by an EIO hidden in its winds. 
4 "Hurricane"
"Harikēn" (ハリケーン) 
January 26, 2014[34]
Ogura and the others are sent to deal with an Evolutionary Invasion Object that can ride a hurricane and avenge the deaths of the crew of the D-101 Hurricane research crew that got their plane destroyed by the EIO. Ogura will act as the sniper, Galileo as the spotter, and Jack as the backup. Galileo’s EU spots dozens of eggs on the EIO. If they fall into the ocean, eventually they will hatch on dry land, causing chaos. Ogura has one chance to kill it before it can drop the eggs. With help from her training and from the Oda Nobunaga within, Sio defeats the EIO but it was not one but two combined. The second EIO releases 12 eggs before Jack kills it so Jack uses Ogura’s guns to propel themselves to each of the eggs. DOGOO feels that the EIO does not evolve separately, but one communication EIO coordinating their evolutions and invasions on Earth. On a side note, Ogura is starting to have feelings for Jack. 
5 "The Second Platoon"
"Daini Shōtai" (第二小隊) 
February 2, 2014[35]
Ogura is assigned to join the DOGOO's Second Platoon which Newton, Gandhi, and Jack are in. She visits Second Platoon’s headquarters, Alex Rogan. Sio learns that once her E-Gene awakens her personality changes. Sio is sent to destroy an EIO because its armor cannot be breach by EU weapons except by Sio’s pinpoint sniping. Vidocq makes a major discovery about the EIO that shocks the crew. Once an EIO dies, it releases thousands of little EIO with memories from its previous body. Since they can’t be digested, they stay inside animals that eat them, going up in the food chain. Then they create new bodies, taking into accounts of their predecessors’ failures. 
6 "Monster Meat"
"Kaijū no Niku" (カイジュウノニク) 
February 9, 2014[36]
The episode shows a mission that the First Platoon is on. They are forced to make an emergency landing in the mountains during the blizzard. While Gaudi waits in the plane watching the prisoner, Geronimo and Cyx investigate the building further up the place. When they find out something is wrong, they retreat back to the plane but the person who let them in tries to kill them. They had to escape into the building. Geronimo finds a camera, learning that the man kills everyone in the building. He did it because he ate meat from an EIO but turns out to be a joke they pulled. Learning the truth, they try to catch up to the mad man while he makes his way to the plane. He releases the prisoner, which turns out to be an EIO, but it kills the mad man. They kill the EIO and return back to headquarters. 
7 "Musashi Wonder"
"Musashi Wandā" (ムサシ・ワンダー) 
February 16, 2014[37]
The Second and Special Platoon heads to face an Evolutionary Invasion Object that possesses the Musashi. The military is planning to nuke it while DOGOO wants to sink it themselves. From what the Special Platoon found, the ship is carrying eggs and is more advanced that the ones they fought previously. The ship is covered with small EIO and in there somewhere is one EIO that is the brains for the others. The two platoons work together with the military to sink the ship. While Jack and Newton destroy the eggs, Ogura took it upon herself to sink Musashi personally. Before she could destroy the core, the EIO traps her. She sees memories of the ship’s crew. The EIO uses these feelings to resurrect the Musashi. Jack rescues her, and she manages to destroy the core. Then they decide to have a sea shore holiday. 
8 "Tunnel"
"Ton'neru" (トンネル) 
February 23, 2014[38]

Using his EU ball, Vidocq is able to find out how the EIO manages to go from Taiwan to Florida so quickly. They used an underground tunnel even DOGOO didn’t know. First Platoon is sent to find out, and Vidocq’s knowledge proves correct. But there wasn’t just one EIO that made the tunnel but many EIO. Geronimo and Cyx investigate the tunnel while Gaudi is there on lookout. Inside the tunnel, they find tiny holes around the tunnel, each contain lots of EIO, all guarding something. Before they can investigate further, they had to escape. Something deeper in the tunnel is quickly approaching them. They quickly left and from inside the tunnel are huge tentacles. The EIO grabs one of Galileo’s probes and nearly crushes it. Vidocq stops her from deactivating her EU ball because the probe contains data it collected during the investigation. Ogura and the Second Platoon stop the EIO from crushing the probe and Galileo passes out from the pain. Vidocq is seen to care more about the data than her safety. Ogura notices a giant eye from the water, feeling that it is spying on them.

Tension rises between First, Second, and Special Platoons. Before a big fight broke out, the Commander stops them. They will be receiving orders directly from her, seeing as how the situation is really serious. The EIO is a giant cephalopod, with two arms used for attacking. First Platoon will attack the left arm while Second Platoon will attack the right arm. Unbeknownst to them, inside the arms are EIO made to explode on contact. But each time they attack, the arms keep regenerating themselves. While First and Second Platoons attack the arms, Ogura, with her military knowledge, discovers that the arms are going further and further apart from DOGOO’s ship, luring them away while its main body attacks the Commander. The others were too late to notice and get to the Commander in time when it releases an EIO at her. Ogura made it in time and had to destroy a part of the ship so the EIO will pass through without blowing up. The EIO explodes far past the ship but a piece of rubble hits her in the face, falling into the water from the impact. 
9 "Sio and Kaoru"
"Shio to Kaoru" (しおとかおる) 
March 2, 2014[39]

From the information Galileo risked her life to discover is that the EIO changed from their most advanced evolutions to their predecessors evolutions, from vertebrates to invertebrates. From the tunnel First Platoon found in the previous episode, the arthropods in the small holes around the tunnel contain base cells with DNA of all the EIO previous evolutions, letting it change its form at any given moment. At the center guarding the tunnel is the cephalopod EIO the Platoons fought. Before they can further device a plan of attack, the EIO made landfall all around the Pacific, preventing DOGOO from attacking the tunnel. DOGOO has no choice but to deal with the Pacific attacks.

Meanwhile, Ogura is sent to a Japanese hospital to recover, from the Commander as thank you. Her injuries are just a bruise and a sprained ankle, not like Galileo who won’t be seeing the front lines again. Kaoru Asao decides to visit and to help Ogura while she recovering from the last mission. Asao figures out that Ogura has a crush on Jack, despite her denial. Their reunion is cut short when EIO attacks Japan. While Asao helps the injured on the bus, Ogura calls Alex Rogan for emergency EU sphere drop. Before an EIO is able to attack them, Saint Germain stops it but it explodes the car he rode in. Saint Germain is seemingly killed. While Asao distracts the EIO, the bus manages to escape. Ogura tries to rescue Asao but her sprain restrains her. Without the EU sphere, Ogura calls upon the Oda Nobunaga in her DNA, shooting a bullet from her fingertip, using up a lot of her energy. Then more EIO shows up but before they can attack, Jack shows up in one of DOGOO’s pods. Ogura, satisfied that help has arrived, faints. 
10 "Dogoo"
March 9, 2014[40]

Saint Germain's and Commander's past is revealed. After the Commander’s village was destroyed millenniums ago, she was scouted by DOGOO the alien. Each time she slept, centuries passed while DOGOO collected genes from historical people, converted them to E-Genes. On one of her awakenings, she is joined by Saint Germain. They were to inject E-Genes into people and awaken when the time is ready. They are seen collecting DNA from Dai Zong and Oda Nobunaga. The Commander did not like Nobunaga’s aggressive style so she abandons DOGOO. Saint Germain followed her as her companion throughout the years. The Commander aged a lot while Saint Germain remains the same. The place they lived at was attacked and the Commander learned her lesson, one that she have learned years ago when she did not get Nobunaga’s DNA. Years passed again when the Commander awakened. She was to be in charge of the new organization called DOGOO while the real DOGOO rested, gotten weaker from the millennia. That was how DOGOO was formed and the soldiers assembled.

Back in the present, First Platoon is keeping an eye out on the cephalopod. Jack tells Ogura that the higher ups are planning on attacking the tunnel with just Fist and Second Platoons. She joins Jack in attacking the cephalopod. Ogura orchestrates a plan to surprise the enemy. She feels the cephalopod is trying to distract DOGOO on the sides of the tunnel while the EIO builds another tunnel in the middle. So her plan is to build another tunnel connecting to the surface, forcing the EIO go to aboveground. She asks Capa, First Platoon, Second Platoon, and Special Platoon (a total of 9 E-Gene holders) to help her in their surprise attack on the EIO. 
11 "Operation Stone Forest Part 1"
"Sutōn Foesuto Sakusen Zenpen" (ストーンフォレスト作戦・前編) 
March 16, 2014[41]
Ogura faces the enemy's battleship-type cephalopod with an army of tanks while the others follows up with her plan called “Operation Stone Forest”. First, Ogura and the M1A2 Abrams tanks will distract the cephalopod. Second, Capa and Newton will begin Phase 1, luring the enemies’ main forces out the hole with Newton’s gravity, disorienting the enemies’ equilibrium, forcing them to go aboveground. Third, Jack, Hunter, Geronimo, and Gaudi will begin Phase 2 in Upala, destroying the security escorts before they can go back underground, burrow into their tunnel, and eliminate the base cells. Fourth, Cyx and Gandhi will begin Phase 3, digging an entrance behind the enemies’ lines from Phase 1, forcing the escorts towards Upala. Fifth, the flying fortresses Alex Rogan, Joji Atsumi, and Steven Hiller will release descent pods, causing the cephalopod to wrap its arms around them to get rid of them, giving the tanks clearance to its arms. When the tanks fire missiles with enough speed, it will cause the landmine-type EIO inside the arms to explode. Finally, Ogura destroys the cephalopod. But from underwater, something grabs Ogura. 
12 "Operation Stone Forest Part 2"
"Sutōn Foesuto Sakusen Kōhen" (ストーンフォレスト作戦・後編) 
March 23, 2014[42]

An unexpected second battleship-type cephalopod suddenly appears and captures Ogura. This EIO has more tentacles than the one she fought before. She deactivates her AU weapon from her right arm and activates it again on her right leg. She uses the same tactic but it shields its weak point. The second cephalopod was born inside the first one, learning Ogura’s attack strategy, and attacking her when the first one dies. She escapes its clutches and kills one of its eyes but not before being attacked by landmine-type EIO on its head. Ogura survives but is seriously injured and will not deactivate her EU weapon until the base cells are destroyed.

Meanwhile, the EIO in Phases 2 and 3 are isolated in Upala. Jack and Geronimo fight the EIO to see who kills the most. Hunter breaks down from killing a living EIO. Then a more evolved EIO slips past Jack and heads for Hunter and Gandhi. The EIO attacks Gandhi but ignores Hunter because he had EIO blood covering him from killing one earlier. Hunter dissects a dead EIO and learns about the EIO blood makeup. Since the EIO evolutions were mainly from the ocean, their sense of sight is not sharp, except for their other senses. The blood covering Hunter releases hormones that tell the EIO that he is a friend and not a foe. Before Jack could kill any more EIO, his Jack the Ripper E-Gene tells him to go to Ogura. He makes it in time before the cephalopod kills her, showing his Nightingale mode.

In other places, Ogura receives emotional support from friends and people. 
13 "Nobunagun"
March 30, 2014[20]

In this episode, one learns the real identity of Jack the Ripper. It is Florence Nightingale. She kills the infected women who carry the disease and the organ that holds it. She is willing to hold the identity as Jack the Ripper, knowing that killing is required to help mankind. That is why Jack’s Nightingale mode only shows up when mankind is at the brink of extinction and Ogura is the key to it.

Back in the present, Ogura asks headquarters for the tanks to attack at one spot. Jack uses the force of the tanks’ missiles to cut a gap into the battleship-type EIO. Jack will distract the landmine-type EIO while Ogura makes her way to the brain. She destroys the brain.

At Upala, their attack on the EIO is proved to be successful but a new EIO shows up that will attack anything that isn’t the transport-type EIO, even its own kind. Hunter, Geronimo, Gaudi, Cyx, and Gandhi attack it. They kill the EIO.

Both sides attack are successful. Everyone returns to headquarters to take a long deep nap. Every wakes up. From their wager in episode 12, Hunter wins, killing more EIO than Geronimo and Jack. Back at the command center of headquarters, the other platoons finish killing the EIO and are returning to headquarters. First, Second, and Special Platoons visit Galileo in the hospital. When she congratulates Vidocq on his genius idea with the descent pods, she didn’t know that it was Ogura’s, putting a dent in his ego. Ogura and Jack sneaks off to have a talk. Jack thanks her for not telling anyone of Jack the Ripper’s true identity. Only he, Ogura, and the alien Dogoo know. Ogura thanks Jack for rescuing her but he only did it because of the voice in his head said to. Then he kisses her and she gets a nosebleed, ending the episode. 


Anime News Network (ANN)'s reviewers have had different opinions on it. About the premise Carl Kimlinger commented "Sound ridiculous? It is. Ridiculously so. But it's also ridiculously fun." Hope Chapman, on the other hand, criticized its story and animation, asserting it "isn't a terrible show," it is "a cheap imitation of other styles and ideas, and without the looks to compensate, its lack of brains isn't very entertaining."[43] Although criticized it for its generic premise, Theron Martin praised its animation and capacity of entertaining. Martin and Rebecca Silverman commended its "striking visuals" and "visual tricks" respectively.[43][44] Martin, Silverman, Andy Hanley of UK Anime Network and Nicoletta Browne from THEM Anime Reviews praised Sio's characterization, with the latter calling it one of "the show's biggest strengths".[43][45][46] Hanley commented that "its opening episode has been one of the most directly exciting and thrilling of the winter season - a rip-roaring action packed affair that continued into an equally enjoyable second episode." He added, "Nobunagun has managed to exceed our expectations, even if those expectations were 'this will probably be terrible'."[45]

Browne praised the action of "these early episodes" as "well-animated and entertaining". However, Browne stated that it "evolves into a missed opportunity almost immediately" due to "the combination of shallowness and technobabble-ridden battle scenes" and "the sexual harassment jokes".[46] Martin The Fandom Post's Thomas Zoth called it "a delight to watch" and stressed, "Fans of shounen anime, yuri undertones, or action series like Hellsing will probably want to check this out."[47] Another critic from The Fandom Post, Kory Cerjak, wrote that the plot is generic "[b]ut Nobunagun is incredibly fun and the visuals of fighting against the EIOs are incredible." Cerjak pointed the anime feels natural, saying "Execution is key in Nobunagun, and it is above average here."[48] Commenting on the last episode, however, Cerjak questioned "Everything returns to the status quo and, while it was fun, I wonder what the point of the entire show was at this point." He declared, "I think its good parts outweigh the bad…that is if you just straight up skip over the bad parts", though.[49] Despite of its "flaws, a great cast of characters, striking visuals, strong musical score and voice acting, and a high-spirited sense of fun help establish the title as a worthy entry in the action genre", according to Martin.[44]


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