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Noctis Screenshot.png
Panorama screenshot from the game.
Developer(s) Alessandro Ghignola
Publisher(s) Self-published
Platform(s) Windows
Release date(s) 2000[1]
Genre(s) Space exploration/flight simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Noctis (Latin for "of night") is a computer space flight simulator featuring first-person visual exploration of an imaginary galaxy.

The player is manifested in Noctis as the pilot of spacecraft called a Stardrifter, capable of instantaneous interstellar travel. This allows travelling between stars, refuelling the Stardrifter from Lithium ion-ejecting stars, approaching planets in star systems and their moons, and even landing where it is physically possible. Many planets feature atmospheres and weather effects. Some harbour plants and animals, or even mysterious ruins. No goal or measure of success is imposed by the game: it simply allows to catalogue and annotate the player's discoveries in a common database of stellar bodies called the GUIDE, which is to be synchronised over the author's Internet server.


The Noctis galaxy, Feltyrion, is approximately 90 thousand light-years in radius, approximately double the radius of the Milky Way Galaxy. With the exception of landing on some world types (being gas giants, Substellar Objects, and unstable worlds), this galaxy is entirely open to be explored. Billions of worlds can be explored despite the program's relatively small size, due to its content being generated on the fly. The Noctis universe contains several types of planets and 12 types of stars, noted in-game with an S in front of the number of the star.

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