Noel Burke

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Noel Burke
Birth name Noel Andrew Burke
Born November 1962 (age 52)
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Occupation(s) Singer, teacher
Years active 1987–present
Associated acts St. Vitus Dance, Echo & the Bunnymen

Noel Burke (born 1962) is an Northern Irish singer, who is best known for replacing Ian McCulloch as the lead singer with Echo & the Bunnymen.[1][2]

Born in Belfast, Burke's first band was St. Vitus Dance, which released the album Love Me, Love My Dogma[3] in 1987 before splitting up a few years later. Shortly after the split, Burke was contacted by Will Sergeant and eventually joined the Bunnymen as lead vocalist.[4] The band released Reverberation (1990) to mixed reviews,[5][6][7] though the album has subsequently garnered some acclaim.[8] The Bunnymen formally announced their disbandment in 1993, after which Burke became a teacher.

In 2005, Burke reformed St. Vitus Dance for some live shows, and an album of new material, Glyphotheque, was released in 2008.

Album Discography[edit]

With St. Vitus Dance[edit]

  • Love Me Love My Dogma (1987)
  • Glyphotheque (2008)
  • Bystanders (2012)

With Echo & the Bunnymen[edit]


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