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Noel Castree
Born (1968-04-02) 2 April 1968 (age 50)
Bury, Greater Manchester,
Education University of Oxford, (BA); University of British Columbia (MA, PhD)
Occupation Geographer at University of Manchester (Marxist political economy, political economy of nature)
Years active 1989–present

Noel Castree FAcSS (born 2 April 1968) is a British geographer whose research interests are in capitalism-environment relationships. He is currently the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal Progress in Human Geography.


Castree was born in Bury, Greater Manchester, UK and has a BA in Geography (first class honours) from the University of Oxford, and an MA (1992) and PhD from the University of British Columbia (May, 1999). He taught for 5 years at Liverpool University before joining the University of Manchester in 2000 and becoming a Professor of Geography in the School of Environment and Development in 2004. In January 2014 he joined the University of Wollongong in Australia, in a new Department of Geography & Sustainable Communities.[1] He returned to Manchester University in late 2017.

Key contributions[edit]

His "principal interests are in the political economy of environmental change, regulation and contestation". He has sought to develop and apply Marxian approaches to understanding a range of environmental problems, with an emphasis on understanding the meaning and limits of 'commodification'.".[2] One of his main intellectual contributions to the discipline of geography is advancing the concept of "social nature"; another is anatomizing the 'neoliberalisation of nature'. He has served twice as a managing editor of peer review journals, once for Antipode and more recently for Progress in Human Geography.


  • In 1993 Castree received a Governor General of Canada's Gold Medal for his master's degree performance at UBC. In 2005, he received the Gill Memorial Award from the Royal Geographical Society.[3] In 2012 he was made a Fellow of the British Academy of Social Science and was, in 2008, chair of the RGS-IBG conference held in London.


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