Noel Monkman

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Noel Monkman
Occupation(s)Filmmaker, underwater photographer

Noel Monkman (1896–1969) was an Australian filmmaker, born in New Zealand,[1] best known for specialising in underwater photography.[2] He was a press photographer in New Zealand before moving to Australia and jointing the Orpheum Theatre orchestra.

He established Australian Educational Films with F.W. Thring, directing a series of educational nature films about the Great Barrier Reef.[3][4] He later made several documentaries as well as two dramatic feature films. He collaborated throughout his career with his wife Kitty.[5]

He and Kitty lived for a time on Green Island, acting as a volunteer air observer during World War II.[6]

Selected filmography[edit]

  • Secrets of the Sea (1931) - director (documentary)
  • The Cliff Dwellers (1932) - director (documentary)
  • Coral and its Creatures (1932) - director (documentary)
  • Typhoon Treasure (1938) – writer, director
  • The Power and the Glory (1941) – writer, director
  • Marvels of Miniature (1950) - documentary
  • King of the Coral Sea (1954) – underwater photography
  • Deep Down Under (1956) - director (TV documentary)
  • Coral Kingdom (1958) – director


  • Escape to Adventure (1956)
  • From Queensland to the Great Barrier Reef : a naturalist's adventures in Australia (1958)
  • Quest for the Curly-Tailed Horses (1962) - autobiography


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