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Noel Petok

Noel Petok is an American actor, best known for his role as Troy Underbridge, [1] the friend and co-worker of character Ryan Howard on the NBC sitcom The Office, who quite possibly may have been supplying him with cocaine. Troy is teased by Dwight Schrute about being a hobbit. Noel also works behind the scenes in reality television and film. The character of Troy Underbridge has appeared in five episodes of The Office: The Deposition, Night Out, Goodbye, Toby (deleted scene), Threat Level Midnight, and Junior Salesman.

Noel can also be seen in the Sony Pictures film The Benchwarmers, appearing as one of the five Nerds 4 Life (the "R").[2] Other members of the five Nerds 4 Life include Jack Anthony and Jed Williams.[3]

Some of his post-production reality show credits range from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Flavor of Love, My Fair Brady, The Surreal Life, and an Internet show starring Tom Green.


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