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Noel Webb
Occupation Violinist, Composer, Actor, Voice Actor

Noel Webb is an American jazz violinist, musical score composer, actor, and voice-over artist. He is also considered one of the first American rock violinists and electric violinists.[1]

Noel has performed both as a solo jazz violinist and as a symphony violinist. His notoriety initially came as he performed with the Boston Youth Symphony orchestra at age 14.[2] His latest LP album, Give it All, was released in 2009.[1] He recently experimented with techno on "The Big Bang," a single released in 2007.[3]

He was a star of several films and movies of the week including The Alamo, Young Riders, The Menendez Brothers and Reluctant Agent, was featured on commercials by McDonald's, Honda, Emery, NBC Promo, a CBS Promo, and narrated many A&E Biographies, TNN Biographies, and movie trailers.[4]

As a composer Webb has written film scores for several movies, television shows, trailers, and commercials including trailers for A History of Violence, The Butterfly Effect, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Seabiscuit, Ray, Storm in the Afternoon, and The Crow.


  • Storm Dance (1996)
  • Satin Sheets (2000)
  • The Soul of (2003)
  • "The Big Bang" (single) (2007)
  • Give it All (2009)


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