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Noel Hugues Anne Louis de Rochefort
Born 25 December 1889
Cerdon, Loiret, France
Died 16 September 1916
Allegiance France
Service/branch Aviation
Rank Second Lieutenant
Unit Escadrille 26
Awards Légion d'honneur, Médaille militaire, Croix de Guerre

Sous Lieutenant Noël Hugues Anne Louis de Rochefort was a World War I flying ace credited with seven aerial victories. He was one of the original French aces.[1][2]

Rochefort's first duty in the military was as a driver. He was ill and in hospital for several months. Upon recuperation, he applied for aviation service. In October 1915, he was assigned to Escadrille 26.[3] He scored his first victory on 12 March 1916, and by 14 September, he had six enemy airplanes and an observation balloon to his credit,[4] along with five unconfirmed claims. The following day, 15 September, he was shot down and wounded. He died of his wounds the next day.[5]

Honors and awards[edit]

Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur

"Sergent pilot of an army escadrille. A pilot of remarkable audacity and skill. On 22 May 1916, he pursued an enemy plane and downed it after a difficult combat. Already cited in army orders and the Médaille militaire for having downed two enemy planes previously." (Légion d'honneur citation, 10 June 1916)[6]

Médaille militaire

"Sergent pilot. An ardent, skillful and tenacious pilot who has always given proof of great maturity, spirit and admirable courage. He has completed brilliantly all the reconnaissance and pursuit missions which were assigned him and has had numerous engagements with enemy planes. On 12 March 1916, he had two combats; during the course of one of them he allowed his observer to down a plane in the enemy lines." (Médaille militaire citation, 5 April 1916)[7]

Sources of information[edit]

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