Nofei Nehemia

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Nofei Nehemia
נופי נחמיה
Nofei Nehemia is located in the West Bank
Nofei Nehemia
Nofei Nehemia
Coordinates: 32°5′53.19″N 35°14′9.01″E / 32.0981083°N 35.2358361°E / 32.0981083; 35.2358361Coordinates: 32°5′53.19″N 35°14′9.01″E / 32.0981083°N 35.2358361°E / 32.0981083; 35.2358361
District Judea and Samaria Area
Council Shomrom
Region West Bank
Affiliation Jewish
Founded 2002
Founded by Amana
Name meaning Nehemia's view

Nofei Nehemia (Hebrew: נוֹפֵי נְחֶמְיָה‎) is an Israeli outpost east of Ariel in the jurisdiction of the Shomron Regional Council in the northern West Bank. It is officially within the boundaries of Rechelim, a nearby Israeli settlement.[1] First established in 2002, it is situated adjacent to Rechelim on Route 60, between Kfar Tapuach and Eli.[2] The village also lies adjacent to the Palestinian towns of Iskaka and Yasuf. A few dozen families live on the outpost.

The outpost is named after Nehemia Ben Yehuda, the head of a family who own a crane company who have been very involved in assisting the establishment of settlements in the West Bank.

Nofei Nehemia, like all Israeli outposts, is illegal under Israeli law.[3] The Israeli government has pledged in the past to dismantle the outpost.[4] The international community views Israeli outposts as Israeli settlements and considers them also illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this.[5]


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