Nogales-Morley Gate Port of Entry

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Nogales-Morley Gate Port of Entry
Nogales Morley Gate Pedestrian Border Station - panoramio.jpg
Entering the US through the Nogales-Morley Gate, October 2000
Country United States
Location Morley and International Blvd., Nogales, Arizona 85621
Coordinates 31°20′02″N 110°57′56″W / 31.333900°N 110.965594°W / 31.333900; -110.965594
Phone (520) 397-2121
Hours 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Exit Port Nogales, Sonora Mexico
2011 Cars 0
2011 Trucks 0
Pedestrians (not separately reported, but believed to be about 840,000).[1]

The Nogales Port of Entry evolved over time, rather than being planned. When an international fence divided Nogales in the early 20th century, vehicles were inspected at a gate at Grand Avenue, trains were inspected just east of there, and pedestrians were inspected further to the east at Morley Avenue. A small tile-roofed inspection station was built in the 1920s and remained until substantial renovations were performed in 2010.

In 2011, the Morley Gate facility was renovated to improve throughput and to provide more space and better lighting.[2] On busy days, over 10,000 people enter the United States through Morley Gate. It is one of only two land border pedestrian-only crossing in the United States, the other is Boquillas Crossing in Big Bend National Park in Texas.

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