Nogoom Masrya

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Nogoom Masrya
Type of site
Local news website
Available inArabic
No. of locationsGiza, Egypt
OwnerAbdelrahman Ellithy
Launched2009; 14 years ago (2009)
Current statusActive

Nogoom Masrya (Arabic: نجوم مصرية, IPA: [nudʒuːm masˤriːah], meaning Egyptian Stars) is an Arabic Egyptian independent news web portal[1][2] founded in September 2009 by Abdelrahman Ellithy.[3] The website is best known for being the first revenue sharing platform in the Arab world [4]

Nogoom Masrya started as an Internet forum in September 2009 with domain name and focus on celebrity news. Then, it became popular during the Egyptian revolution of 2011[5][6] and launched a news portal in 2013 in the Middle East.[7]

Nogoom Masrya launched its news app on App Store for iPhone and iPad users and another app on Google Play for Android users in April 2018.[8][9]

Nogoom Masrya applied new internet technologies like for example: AMP (Accelerated mobile pages), using HTTPS internet protocol and web push notifications.[10] Nogoom Masrya was one of the early sites that adopted these technologies, and this helped in having fast loading pages for users.[11][12]


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