Noijin Kangsang

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Noijin Kangsang
Norin Kang
Looking from Kamba La to Yamdrok Yumtso, with towering Noijinkangsang in the distance
Highest point
Elevation7,191 m (23,593 ft) [1]
Ranked 105th
Prominence2,145 m (7,037 ft) [1]
Coordinates28°56′54″N 90°10′42″E / 28.94833°N 90.17833°E / 28.94833; 90.17833Coordinates: 28°56′54″N 90°10′42″E / 28.94833°N 90.17833°E / 28.94833; 90.17833[1]
Noijin Kangsang is located in Tibet
Noijin Kangsang
Noijin Kangsang
Location in Tibet
Parent rangeLhagoi Kangri
First ascent1986 by a Chinese expedition

Noijin Kangsang (Chinese: 宁金抗沙峰, also Norin Kang or Noijinkangsang) is the highest peak of Lhagoi Kangri mountain range in the Tibet Autonomous Region in China. It lies between the Yarlung Tsangpo River (to the north), Yamdrok Lake (to the east) and the Himalayas mountain range (to the south).

Noijin Kangsang was first climbed via the South Face and Southwest Ridge on 28 April 1986 by a Chinese expedition.[citation needed]

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