Noir: A Shadowy Thriller

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Noir: A Shadowy Thriller
Noir A Shadowy Thriller cover.jpg
Developer(s)TSi, Inc.
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows

Noir: A Shadowy Thriller is a 1996 adventure game developed by American studio TSi, Inc. and published by Cyberdreams for Windows.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] The game was preceded by Cyberdreams' I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.[9]


Noir: A Shadowy Thriller received mostly negative reviews. Ron Dulin of GameSpot criticized the difficult control and lack of any need for deduction, citing as an example that a safe automatically opens when the combination comes into view, even if the player doesn't make the connection. He found that while the visuals successfully recreated the noir feel, "The six storylines in the game are ridiculously generic ... None of the surprises or cynicism of the genre are present, and the occasional attempts at humor fall flat."[10] A Next Generation critic similarly remarked that the game decently captured a noir mood, but the gameplay largely consists of blindly searching for "hot spots", and "players will be left with the underlying feeling of being led to the answers rather than discovering them."[11]


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