Noise for Music's Sake

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Noise for Music's Sake
Compilation album by
Released8 July 2003 (2003-07-08)
GenreDeath metal, grindcore
Napalm Death chronology
Punishment in Capitals
Noise for Music's Sake
Leaders Not Followers: Part 2
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]
The Metal Forge9/10[2]

Noise for Music's Sake is a double-disc compilation by British band Napalm Death. It was released on 8 July 2003 on Earache Records. This album is a retrospective of the band's entire career. The first disc is a best-of compilation; the second disc contains rarities. The booklet includes 20 pages with interviews of band members Shane Embury and Mark "Barney" Greenway. It also includes a guide to all the songs from the second disc, and a complete "Family Tree" detailing every person who was ever in the band.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

1."The Kill"Scum0:20
3."You Suffer"Scum0:01
5."Hung"Fear, Emptiness, Despair3:48
6."Antibody"Greed Killing2:50
7."Unchallenged Hate"Mass Appeal Madness2:07
8."Siege of Power"Suffer The Children3:32
9."Greed Killing"Greed Killing3:04
10."Suffer the Children"Harmony Corruption4:20
11."Mass Appeal Madness"Mass Appeal Madness3:28
12."Next of Kin to Chaos"Words from the Exit Wound4:08
13."Judicial Slime"Utopia Banished2:37
14."Lucid Fairytale"From Enslavement to Obliteration1:02
15."If the Truth Be Known"Harmony Corruption4:10
16."Plague Rages"Fear, Emptiness, Despair3:50
17."Social Sterility"Mass Appeal Madness1:12
18."From Enslavement to Obliteration"From Enslavement to Obliteration1:35
19."Lowpoint"Inside the Torn Apart3:16
20."Contemptuous"Utopia Banished4:22
22."The Chains that Bind Us"Harmony Corruption4:06
23."Armageddon X 7"Fear, Emptiness, Despair3:14
24."Breed to Breathe"Breed to Breathe3:15
25."The World Keeps Turning"The World Keeps Turning3:17
26."The Infiltraitor"Words from the Exit Wound4:30
27."Nazi Punks Fuck Off"Nazi Punks Fuck Off!1:27
Total length:76:38

Disc two[edit]

1."Rise Above"Mentally Murdered2:41
2."Missing Link"Mentally Murdered2:14
3."Mentally Murdered"Mentally Murdered2:09
4."Walls of Confinement"Mentally Murdered2:55
5."Cause and Effect"Mentally Murdered1:23
6."No Mental Effort"Mentally Murdered4:08
7."Pride Assassin"Mass Appeal Madness2:05
8."Avalanche Master Song" (featuring Godflesh, live at ICA, London, 29 June 1990) 5:00
9."One and the Same"Utopia Banished bonus disc1:47
10."Sick and Tired"Utopia Banished bonus disc1:24
11."Malignant Trait"Utopia Banished bonus disc2:17
12."Killing with Kindness"Utopia Banished bonus disc2:01
13."Means to an End"The World Keeps Turning2:56
14."Insanity Excursion"The World Keeps Turning2:15
15."Truth Drug"Fear, Emptiness, Despair bonus track3:50
16."Living in Denial"Fear, Emptiness, Despair bonus track2:58
17."Food Chains"Coalesce split3:14
18."Upward and Uninterested"Coalesce split2:24
19."I Abstain"Utopia Banished Demo3:33
20."Politics of Common Sense"At the Gates split2:59
21."Internal Animosity"Pathological compilation5:19
22."Scum"North Atlantic Noise Attack compilation2:21
23."Life"North Atlantic Noise Attack compilation0:37
24."Retreat to Nowhere"North Atlantic Noise Attack compilation0:27
25."Remain Nameless" (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 3:32
26."Twist the Knife (Slowly)" (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 2:51
27."Deceiver" (with Swanky's Intro, live in Wakken, Belgium, 11 July 1987) 0:47
28."The Traitor" (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1 November 1986) 3:23
29."Abattoir" (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30 March 1986) 3:12
Total length:76:56


Napalm Death[edit]

Technical personnel[edit]

  • Dan Tobin – compiling
  • Mick Kenney – cover illustration, booklet
  • Dom Lawson – liner notes
  • Mick Usher – Napalm Death family tree


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