Noiseman Sound Insect

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Noiseman Sound Insect
Directed byKoji Morimoto
Story byStudio 4°C
Release date
  • 1997 (1997)
Running time
16 minutes

Noiseman Sound Insect (音響生命体ノイズマン, Onkyo Seimeitai Noiseman) is a short anime film directed by Koji Morimoto, with production by Studio 4°C and music by Yoko Kanno featuring a young Crystal Kay Williams singing the end theme.

The work is in Japanese and contains music and dialogue that are intricately linked.


In a world of music and musical plants, a mad scientist is experimenting with the seeds of those plants to create a child, Noiseman. After giving Noiseman a potion to grow faster the scientist couldn't control him anymore and accidentally split his body into a ghost and a crystal with a machine of his. Noiseman is now in control of the whole city, brainwashing people to capture those ghosts and telling the people that the music fruit is forbidden. Tobio who also was brainwashed got hit by a music fruit and remembered the past, where everyone would enjoy the music. He tries to convince Noiseman that his doing is wrong and he should return the captured ghosts to their crystals but without success. Now the underground people are trying their best to help the ghosts with the help of Tobio's childhood friend.

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