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Origin Germany
Genres Industrial, power noise
Years active 1990–present
Labels Ant-Zen, Mental Ulcer Forges
Members Raoul Roucka

Noisex is the name of a power noise and industrial music act from Germany. It has long been releasing music on the Ant-Zen record label and Rudy Ratzinger's label, Mental Ulcer Forges.

Members / history[edit]

Noisex was formed by Raoul Roucka in 1990. Originally calling his experiments T:U:T:P (The Unbelievable T.V. Preacher), Roucka changed the name to Noisex in 1992. Since then, Roucka has been the only member of Noisex, delivering a style of music he admits has been influenced by bands like Skinny Puppy, SPK, Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle, and Esplendor Geométrico.[citation needed]

Roucka also participates in a number of side-projects, including the solo effort DKF, Z:Z:Z with Richard Donhauser, Andxesion (a large group collaboration), Thorax, Ultra Instinct, and Cybernetik:Fuckheadz (with Patrick Stevens).


  • Terrorvision, (as The Unbelievable T.V. Preacher), Tape, 1992
  • First Mistakes, Tape, 1992
  • Save the Whales, Tape, 1992
  • Out of Order, CD, 1996
  • Over and Out, CD, 1997
  • Ignarrogance, 2CD, 1998
  • Rotation U.S.A., CDEP, 1999
  • 1920.00, CD / Box Set, 1999
  • 950.00, CD, 1999 (aval. in above Boxset only)
  • Serious Killer, CD, 2000
  • Groupieshock, CD, 2001
  • Magnetom Vision, CDEP, 2003
  • Brain on Rotation, CD, 2006

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