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Korean mung bean jelly-Cheongpomuk-01.jpg
Korean name
Hangul 녹두묵
Revised Romanization nokdumuk
McCune–Reischauer noktumuk

Nokdumuk also spelled noktumuk ("mung bean jelly",[1] lit. "green bean jelly") is a Korean muk, or jelly, made from mung bean starch. In its most commonly encountered form, it is also called cheongpomuk (청포묵, 묵), which literally means "clear froth jelly," owing to its clear white color. If it is colored with gardenia, the nokdumuk is called hwangpomuk, which literally means "yellow froth jelly."[2]

Nokdumuk is usually served cold, usually as the banchan (side dish) nokdumuk muchim (녹두묵무침). As it has little flavor of its own, nokdumuk is typically seasoned with soy sauce and vinegar.

Nokdumuk is a common food for special occasions. It is often served at Korean weddings and other celebrations. Nokdumuk is also used as a main ingredient for making the Korean royal cuisine dish called tangpyeongchae. It is made by mixing julienned nokdumuk, stir-fried shredded beef, and various vegetables seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds, salt, and sesame oil.[3]

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