Nokia 1610

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Nokia 1610
Nokia 1610.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Availability by country 1996
Successor Nokia 5110
Related Nokia 1011
Dimensions 10.5 cm
Weight 232 g

Nokia 1610 was a popular mobile phone model manufactured by Nokia. The model was published in 1996. It complemented the Nokia 2110 business model, but had significantly fewer features.

The phone had a monochromatic display which could show two rows of text at a time. The operating manual did not mention a possibility to send text messages, but at least units sold from 1996 and onwards included the function. The SMS capable version was called 1610 Plus. The phone used an external rigid antenna, but had a groove on the inside of the battery to accommodate a pull-out type antenna. The 1610 used a credit card size SIM-card, and was powered by a NiMH type battery with a capacity of 600 mAh.