Nokia 3410

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Nokia 3410
Manufacturer Nokia
First released 2002
Predecessor Nokia 3310
Successor Nokia 3510
Nokia 3600/3650
Form factor Candy bar
Weight 114 g (4.0 oz)
Display 96×65 px

The Nokia 3410 is a mobile phone made by Nokia which was released in early 2002,[1] being the successor of the Nokia 3310. The 3410 was the first Java phone by Nokia. The phone features a monochrome display.


The 3410 is a compact, but somewhat heavy phone (weight:114 g, battery included). It employs up and down buttons for menu navigation. The on/off/profile button is a stiff black button located on the top of the phone.


  • Display = 96×65 picture elements
  • Downloadable personal applications via Java technology
  • Ability to store 10 text messages
  • WAP 1.1 Browser, WAP Push
  • Customizable and downloadable profiles
  • Full display screensavers; animated 3D screensavers
  • Clock, alarm clock
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer
  • Calculator, currency converter from idle mode
  • Reminders (10 notes)
  • 5 games (Snake II, Bumper, Space Impact, Bantumi, Link5); games download
  • SMS Chat

Differences between Nokia 3310 and 3410[edit]

  • Higher resolution display
  • Dedicated call and hang buttons
  • Call silencer
  • Different built-in games
  • Games and applications downloaders
  • Games run more slowly

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