Nokia 5100

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Nokia 5100
Nokia 5100 Blue (sharper brighter).jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Compatible networks EGSM 900 GSM 1800/1900 (Tri band)
Availability by country 2003
Predecessor Nokia 5210
Successor Nokia 5140
Form factor Candybar
Dimensions 49.5 x 108.5 x 22 mm
Weight 104 g
Battery BL-4C (3.7 volts) 720 mAh, Li-ion
Data inputs Keypad
Display 128 x 128 pixel 4096 colors
Connectivity infrared (IrDA)

Nokia 5100 is a Nokia GSM mobile phone model that was announced in 2002 and released in 2003. It has a stereo FM radio built in, is a Tri-Band device with up to 300 hours standby time.[1]

It was marketed as an outdoor device, hence it is in a rubber casing that provides protection against humidity, shocks and dust.[1][2] It has some special functions like thermometer,[1] flashlight,[1] calorie counter[3] and loudness meter[3] (dB). The type is NPM-6, it is available in light blue (picture), dark grey,[4] green[4] and orange. It has Xpress-on-Shells which can be changed.

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