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The Nokia 6270 is a 2005 quad band mobile phone from Nokia.[1] It is based on the Series 40 third generation platform, and features a 2 megapixel digital camera with 5x digital zoom and a flash, 9 MB of storage plus support for up to a 2 GB miniSD Card, and a 240x320 QVGA screen with 262,144 colors. Software includes a full XHTML compatible web browser, an email client and a media player (mp3 and mp4 supported).[1]

The phone has a good connectivity as it features Bluetooth, EDGE, Pop-Port and infrared and is also USB compatible for synchronising with your home PC.

Along with the music player with MP3 and AAC support, it also has a built-in radio receiver, which is used through the headset supplied. The phone features stereo speakers with 3D sound effects, a new technology which makes the sound more realistic and is now embedded in many of the latest high-class phones.

It also has active standby, which displays daily activities and meetings on the phone's idle display.

Next in the phone line is the Nokia 6280, a 3G version of the Nokia 6270. It was succeeded by the Nokia E65 and the Nokia 6500 slide which were released in 2007.


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