Nokia 6510

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Nokia 6510
Manufacturer Nokia
Compatible networks GSM 900/1800
Availability by country 2002
Predecessor Nokia 3310
Successor Nokia 6100
Nokia 6610
Related Nokia 8310
Dimensions 97 x 43 x 20 mm, 67 cc
Weight 84 g
Battery Standard, 750 mAh Li-Ion (BLB-2)
Display Monochrome graphic, 96 x 65 pixels, 5 lines
Connectivity GPRS, Infrared port

The Nokia 6510 is a mobile phone launched in the first quarter of 2002.[1]

It was an improved version of the Nokia 8310.[citation needed] It featured a higher resolution screen with teal, instead of white, backlit illumination, and blue keypad illumination. It also featured several new applications, such as the electronic wallet, used to store password protected information, and an upgraded calendar.

As a business-oriented product, it incorporated a more restrained look, although the covers were interchangeable with the 8310.


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