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A Nokia 7110 opened to expose its keypad.

The Nokia 7110 was the first mobile phone to run Series 40 and to come with a WAP browser.[1] It was announced in February 1999 and released in October 1999.[2]


The Nokia 71** series of cellphones in general featured a special, navi-roller button.[3] It was considered to be one of the first true media phones with WAP and messaging capabilities.[4]

  • 7110 GSM 900/1800 Band Worldwide
  • 7190 GSM 1900 Band for USA
  • 7160 TDMA


Contrary to popular myth, though the Nokia 7110 does feature a spring-loaded cover concealing the keypad, this is not the model featured in the first Matrix movie, which is the Nokia 8110 (made 3 years prior), which was adapted with a spring mechanism to feature in the 1999 film.[5][6]

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