Nokia 7650

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Nokia 7650
Nokia 7650 01.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Compatible networks European Union GSM 900/1800 MHz[1]
Availability by country June 2002[1]
Successor Nokia 3650
Form factor Slider
Dimensions 114 mm × 56 mm × 26 mm[1]
Weight 154 g[1]
Memory 4 MB, 3.4 MB available to user[1]
Battery BLB-2, 600mAh[2] Li-ion
Display 176 x 208 pixel 4096 colours[1]
Rear camera 0.3 Megapixels[1] 640x480 VGA
Connectivity IrDA Bluetooth[1]

The Nokia 7650 is a smartphone belonging to the fashion and experimental (7xxx) series. The phone was released June 26, 2002 for around 600. It was notable for a number of firsts: first Nokia smartphone with the Symbian OS (version 6.1); first Series 60 (Now S60) platform device; first Nokia with built-in camera. The handset's release was promoted in conjunction with the film Minority Report. It was announced on November 19, 2001.[3]

Technical specifications[edit]

The Nokia 7650 has a 32-bit RISC CPU, based on ARM-9 series, a 104 MHz CPU clock, 4 MB of non-expandable main memory (RAM) (3.6 MB available to the user) and 16 MB ROM.

Picture taken with a Nokia 7650

Other features[edit]


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