Nokia 8310

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Nokia 8310
Nokia 8310 phone.jpg
Compatible networksGSM 900/1800 (8310)
GSM 1900 (8390)
Availability by region2001-2002
PredecessorNokia 8210
SuccessorNokia 6510
Nokia 7210
RelatedNokia 3310
Nokia 6310
Nokia 6500
Dimensions97 x 43 x 20 mm, 67 cc
Mass84 g
BatteryStandard, 750 mAh Li-Ion (BLB-2)
DisplayMonochrome graphic, 84 x 48 pixels
ConnectivityGPRS, Infrared port

The Nokia 8310 is a mobile phone manufactured by Nokia between 2001 and 2002. Belonging to the 8000 series, the handset was a member of Nokia's flagship premium 'candybar' variety, and retailed for a price in excess of £400 on launch after its announcement at CEBIT in March 2001.[1] Incorporating Nokia's trademark menu system and GUI with a white backlight colour, the device was easy to operate, yet contained advanced premium features not normally found on handsets of the time, such as infrared, a fully functional calendar, and was the first Nokia phone to support GPRS and an FM Radio.[2]

As the successor to the Nokia 8210, the 8310 was even smaller in size,[3] one of the smallest Nokia have produced to date. It also has support for Xpress-On covers,[4] and it was reported to come in 100 colour combinations.[5]

The 8310 shares the same platform[6] and shape with the Nokia 6510, which the successor being a more business-oriented phone and utilised a higher resolution 96x60 display. Faceplates designed for the 8310 can be installed on a 6510 and vice versa.

It was also succeeded by the Nokia 7210 which was released in 2002.


A GSM-1900 version for the North American market named the Nokia 8390 was also released.[7] AT&T Wireless[8] and Rogers Communications offered the 8390 in the United States and Canada, respectively.


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