Nokia 9210 Communicator

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Nokia 9210 Communicator
Nokia 9210.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Compatible networks EGSM 900/1800 and HSCSD (43.2 kbit/s)
First released November 21, 2000; 16 years ago (2000-11-21)
Predecessor Nokia 9110 Communicator
Successor Nokia 9300
Nokia 9500 Communicator
Dimensions 158×56×27 mm
Weight 244 g
Memory Application 14 MB, user 2 MB
Removable storage 16 MB Multi Media Card
Battery BLL-3 (1300 mAh)
Display 4096-color 640×200 LCD screen
External display Mono

The Nokia 9210 Communicator is a third-generation Communicator series smartphone produced by Nokia, introduced November 21, 2000.[1] It greatly improved on the second generation Nokia 9110 Communicator, providing colour main screen, changing to Symbian OS platform and ARM processor. It is one of the few mobile phones able to send and receive fax.

It is used as a normal though bulky mobile phone in closed mode, when it is flipped open it can be used like a very small notebook computer with a 640×200 screen. The earpiece and microphone are located on the back so one must hold it with the front screen and keypad facing out to make a call. The phone also has speakerphone functionality. It was also the first Nokia with a card slot for expandable memory.

The American variant is the Nokia 9290, introduced in June 5, 2001, but had a long release delay before finally arriving in the continent in June 2002.


  • Main applications: mobile phone, desk application, messaging (SMS, fax, email), Internet (web, WAP), contacts (address book), calendar, office (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation viewer, file manager)
  • Extra applications: calculator, clock, games, recorder, and unit converter. In addition, Nokia 9210 Communicator was the first Nokia device where 3rd party software developers could freely implement new applications and offer them for download by the users.
  • Processor: 32-bit 66 MHz ARM9-based RISC CPU
  • Radio: foldout antenna for improved reception.
  • Operating System: Symbian OS v6.0, Series 80 v1.0
  • Interface: IrDA but no Bluetooth, Serial port cable for PC.
  • Audio: Stereo-headset, mp3-player software is optional, additional internal speaker for music and full-duplex speakerphone functionality.
  • Includes PC Suite for the Nokia 9210 Communicator, running on Windows platform.
  • Vibrating alert: not implemented.


The 9210i launched in 2002 increased the internal memory to 40 MB, video streaming and Flash 5 support for the web browser.

Replacement models[edit]

Nokia replaced the 9210 in first quarter of 2005 with:[2]

  • Nokia 9500 - has additional features (Wi-Fi and camera) but is smaller (148 × 57 × 24 mm) and lighter (222 g), and has an updated Symbian Series 80 operating system.
  • Nokia 9300 - is smaller (132×51×21 mm) and lighter (167 g) than Nokia 9210, with similar features and the same operating system as the Nokia 9500.

Both new models include other improvements such as: EDGE, colour external displays and Bluetooth.


The Nokia 9290 is the American variant of the Europe-only Nokia 9210 Communicator phone. It was released more than a year later, in June 2002.

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