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Nokia OZO
TypeAudio capture and playback solutions
Release date30 November 2015 (2015-11-30)
WebsiteNokia OZO

Nokia OZO is providing leading audio software technologies for smartphone, tablet, laptop, and camera manufacturers. The offering covers both audio capture and playback solutions.

OZO Audio utilizes pioneering spatial audio technology to capture moments with clarity and focus. It has features like Audio 3D (for spatial audio capture), Audio Zoom and Audio Windscreen (for wind noise reduction).

OZO Playback provides an all-immersive spatial audio listening experience for the device users with features like Stereo Widening and Bass Enhancement. The features can enhance playback through the device’s own loudspeakers and headphones.[1]

Devices like Oppo Find X3 Pro family, OnePlus 9 Pro Series, ASUS ROG Phone 5 and Zenfone 8 families all utilize OZO Audio, as well as HMD Global’s Nokia branded smartphones X10, X20, G10 and G20 are equipped with OZO Audio. The Nokia XR20 smartphone and Nokia T20 tablet are featuring both OZO Audio and OZO Playback.[2]

Originally Nokia used the name OZO for an advanced Virtual Reality camera, which was able to record stereoscopic (3D) 360-degree video. The device was announced in July 2015 and first released in November 2015.[3][4]

The OZO camera was made of aluminum alloy and contained eight lenses and microphones which combined record stereoscopic (3D) 360-degree video and audio. The audio recording technology in the OZO camera was OZO Audio. Each lens had a 195-degree field of view, shooting at 30 frames per second.[5] The camera was aimed at professional filmmakers, like Disney, which started to use the OZO for filmmaking in April 2016.[6]

Nokia announced the end of production of the OZO camera in October 2017, citing a "slower-than-expected" virtual reality market,[7] but continuing to provide customer support.[8]


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