Nokia Talkman 320F

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Nokia Talkman 320F
Compatible networksNMT 450
First releasedAugust 1984
Availability by regionnot available
Form factorcar phone
Storage184 names
Batterystand by (10 h)
talk time (60 min)
DisplayMonochrome LCD
Development statusdiscontinued

The Nokia Talkman 320F is a car phone which is discontinued. It is a rare phone which is no longer available. It was released in August 1984, after the release of Nokia Actionman and Nokia Actionman II. Its features are the same as the previous two versions. It has a storage memory of 184 contacts. It used the NMT 450 network. The phone is a heavy model Nokia weighing about 4.7 kg. Its monochrome LCD is suitable for displaying contacts. This model lacks messaging and data services. The battery gives a stand by backup up to 10 hours and a talk time up to 60 minutes.


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