Nokor Reach

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Nokor Reach
English: Royal Kingdom

National anthem of  Cambodia
LyricsChuon Nat, 1949
MusicF. Perruchot / J. Jekyll, 1939
Audio sample
"Nokor Reach" (instrumental, two verses)

"Nokor Reach" (Khmer: បទនគររាជ; "Royal Kingdom" or "Majestic Kingdom") is the national anthem of Cambodia; it is based on a Cambodian folk tune and written by Chuon Nath.


The Cambodian national anthem was originally adopted in 1941 and reconfirmed in 1947, around the time of independence from France. In 1970, the monarchy was abolished, thereby replacing the state's national anthem as well. After the communists' victory in 1975, former royalist symbols, including "Nokor Reach", were reinstated for a short while. The Khmer Rouge then replaced it with "Dap Prampi Mesa Chokchey" ("Glorious Seventeenth of April"). After the royalist party FUNCINPEC defeated the former communists (Cambodian People's Party) in the 1993 elections, the royalist state anthem was restored.

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  1. ^ De facto with Nokor Reach since 1990.


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