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Nolan McGuire is a guitarist and tour manager from Chicago.


The Parker Brothers[edit]

Nolan's earliest work was with The Parker Brothers [1]. He also performed on a tour with Digger .[citation needed]

The Honor System[edit]

McGuire played on The Honor System's debut album Single File and subsequent EP 100% Synthetic. Whereas vocalist Dan Hanaway tended to play lower and more rhythmic parts, McGuire typically contributed higher-register arpeggios and leads, frequently featuring bending, sliding and double-stops. However, neither guitarist was limited to lead or rhythm; trading and interweaving of guitar parts played a large part in the band's sound. Nolan left the band some time before their second album, The Rise And Run, and was replaced by Tyler Wiseman, whose arrival heralded a shift of the band's sound in a heavier direction, although the interlinked guitar parts remained a key feature.

Alkaline Trio[edit]

McGuire was the tour manager for Alkaline Trio and played second guitar for them live. These parts are usually written and played on record by the band's guitarist Matt Skiba; however, McGuire received writing/recording credits for lead guitar on the song "Sadie" on the One Man Army split and, later, Crimson.